Top 10 virtual assistant companies Services


Top 10 virtual assistant companies Services

Virtual assistant companies’ services that a virtual assistant company offers vary according to workflow and organization needs. Today’s businesses need staff that can provide a range of projects with excellence, but they don’t intend to spend for or handle overhead, health care insurance policy, working with, training, or firing. Virtual assistant services that a virtual assistant offers vary according to workflow and organization needs. In general, services include general administration services, database design, and maintenance, website development, sales support, presentation preparation, telephone answering, graphic design, bill payments, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, computer training, medical/legal transcription. However, by being part of virtual assistant networks, your virtual assistant can guarantee client satisfaction by a qualified virtual assistant.

UIZ’s As a Virtual Service Partner

UIZ has been a leading virtual assistant service since it was founded in Nepal, in 2013. After that, we have grown our businesses internationally including Germany in 2014, UK and Australia 2016 - 2017 and now we are expanding UIZ to other European countries to provide virtual assistance services. Currently, our headquarters is in Berlin, one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. Our company is present on four continents. Even our team is made by people from across the globe! This is the power of technology, the one we believe in: it cuts distance and it helps us get closer to one another.

Our mission is to provide a professional “Scientific, Development and Professional Service Centre”. Also, provide an image of competence, responsibility, and reliability in services with high-quality English speaking and native German-speaking remote workers at a low cost. We have a highly experienced team who are working in various fields. Our expertise team has over a decade of working and technology experience that helps to ensure you get access to the best virtual assistant service for your needs and goals. Technology allows us to cross borders. And if you, too, are looking to grow your business, we are here to help. We offer different services that make you boost your business, so you can tackle a large number of problems from different angles.

Read Our Top 10 Popular Virtual Services:

As Virtual service company, our top 10 virtual services are listed following;

1. Mobile Application Development Service

2. Software Development Service

3. Multimedia and Graphic Design Services

4. SEO Services

5. Call Answering Service

6. Web Development & Design Service

7. Social Media Marketing Service

8. Market Research Service

9. Sales Management Service

10. Data Entry Service


Mobile Application Development Service:

Due to the increasing mobile users, it is very important for every business to have its own Mobile Application. Especially, If you are doing a business that wants to reach its client through the web, the portable clients should be tapped. The best method to do it right now is having your own mobile apps. UIZ provides the best virtual services for mobile application development services. Our team will help you to create a unique mobile app by using their solid expertise in mobile apps development to reach your target customers and engage with them. Moreover, we will hand over to you the most business-friendly mobile apps. Our expertise is experts on both IOS and Android Apps Development.

Mobile application logo

Software Development Service:

Software Development Service

Every Business has its own needs and requirements. Nowadays the world of applications is developing very fast and it is considered necessary to use them if you want your business to be successful. Organizations need software for their internal as well as their external purposes. These software tools may be needed to maintain and manage various types of data and services. Software classification is also a very important element

Companies also use software applications to interact with their customers. Once they have their software on their customers' computers, the customers can contact them whenever they want with just a matter of clicks. This helps in providing better customer support. Our team focuses on emerging software development techniques and technologies to help organizations meet challenges brought in by fast-paced changes in the IT industry. We deliver services based on Ajax, Codeigniter, Php,, Drupal, Mysql, SQL Server, Word press, Oracle, and many more.

Multimedia and Graphic Design Services:

Graphic design and multimedia virtual service is incredible support for any business or person. Because it provides services for business or individuals low-cost with perfection and time management. Every time, we all could use a high-quality design and multimedia support, and we don't all have the ability or technical skills to do it without anyone else's help. Then we outsource a visual graphic design and multimedia expatriates to help you with this.

Time is another significant consideration. So perhaps you do have knowledge about design and multimedia, you have professional design and multimedia software and you have the skill to utilize it. Is this really the best utilization of your time? It really takes a lot of time to build a perfect design or any multimedia work. In case you're running a business, it probably will not be the best idea to work on design or multimedia. Then most probably the best to choose the virtual service of graphic designers and multimedia experts.

UIZ Berlin offers Multimedia and Graphic Designing services such as short film, documentary, photography and graphic design. UIZ has added these services in addition to our other well-known web services. We have a fully dedicated multimedia team to provide quality services to our clients. To ensure that our teams are the best, we are using the latest technologies and techniques and professional tools to generate overwhelming output.

Graphic design and multimedia

SEO Services:

SEO Service logo

If you are worried about the ranking your website in 1 page on online, and if you think that you are in low in primary keywords or poor traffic on your website, at that point a sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedure can help your page ranking on web search results like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to driving the ideal traffic to your website in an 'organic' or 'normal' way and at an insignificant cost. It is also an incredible method to build the quality of your website by making it easy to understand, user-friendly, subsequently developing your sales and revenue. If you are running one or two websites for your business then it is a bit costly to keep in-house SEO expertise. In this case, the best option to outsource SEO virtual service employees. It will help you to save both your money and time with effective output.

UIZ Berlin is an IT, BPO and research-based organization. We have a highly motivated team. We offer our customers a wide range of services. The UIZ specializes in SEO service and has improved the search engine ranking for various customers. We make our specialist service available to those companies that want to increase their business through technology. Our focus is on facilitating the daily work of both small and large companies and institutions through technology. We are proud to serve our customers with this technology. Our focus is on the quality of our services. With SEO we quickly advertise our customers' websites and make them more visible on search engines so that more customers visit their websites. We use natural SEO techniques that produce results.

Call Answering service:

Nowadays Call center service or customer care support is very necessary for any kind of business. To understand your customers more and to know about their needs and wants, you need to be active 24x7 on the phone call service. The customers like to know about services and products before they decide to buy the product or service. It can be a bit expensive for small or medium-sized businesses to keep extra in-house employees for call center services. In this case, Outsourcing virtual service is the best idea for them. An outsourcing virtual service can provide 24x7 service to your customers and it will be low-cost for you and it will help you to improve your sales and achieve your goals.

As a Virtual service provider, UIZ provides - 24x7 Call answering services with real-time reporting and 100% call recording facilities, which will help you experience increased sales and better conversion rates. Our call answering services have helped many small, mid-sized and large companies meet their organizational needs. With us as your call answering service provider, you can be guaranteed of top-notch services at exceptionally reasonable rates.

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Web development & web design service:

Logo of web design and development

Every business has their own message, their own vision, and purpose. Your website should convey your message. A good website is a better business. You can put all the information about your business on your business website, this way the customer can know about your products and services. Overall, the website is very important to send your business message to your customers and bring them into your business. To keep in-house web developers or web-designers can be very costly for small and medium-sized businesses. In this point, outsourcing virtual service will be a better solution. It will help you to develop your business website with on time and affordable cost.

As an outsource company and virtual service provider, UIZ provides web development and website design service. We built websites right from scratch, helping you to stand out from your competitors and strongly keeping in mind your business and Unique Selling Point. We deliver quality custom websites. UIZ adopts a strategic and careful strategy to improve web development. We start by getting to know our clients, their organizations and services. While getting to good our clients' main objectives, vision, and mission, we can get clear ideas for the successful implementations of their vision. Create diagrams for the fruitful usage of their vision. Our experienced designers' teamwork constantly builds and provides the best services to our clients and supports them to develop websites that rank highly in search engine results pages.

Social media marketing service:

These days online marketing is bringing the high increase in sales and its work effectively to reach a bigger audience in a short span of time. Social media marketing is one of the common and effective marketing tools for any kind of business. The customers are spending more time on social media platforms to communicate with friends and family and potential clients are always looking for products and services at the social network with the touch of their smartphone or laptop. So, social media platforms are the right choice for any businesses to target their customers. It can be good to hire in-hours employees to manage the social media marketing process for the largest companies. But, keeping social media marketing employees for small or midsize businesses can be costly or west of time. Apart from this, virtual assistance services will be the right decision to improve your social media marketing and to target your customers.

As a Virtual service company at UIZ, we help you to achieve your goals and grow your business. Using modern technology and incorporating best marketing practices and experience, we’re able to build marketing plans, strategies, and campaigns that will bring clients in and retain them for future business. Many years of experience with a huge expertise team performance we are able to bring high traffic to your business sales.

Social media marketing

Market Research Service:

market research service

Market research subsequently is a critical component in your business whether you are entering into a market, launching a new product or service or just hoping to stay ahead of the competition. It can uncover data indispensable for taking choices like marketing and advancements, future development, assessing past exhibitions and so forth. Assembling all this information isn't simply mind-boggling but time-consuming. You require devoted resources dealing with the undertaking day and night which can end up being costly.

In this manner organizations, today decide to outsource market research virtual services to firms that have practical experience in giving such services at reasonable costs regardless of the way that most organizations have a marketing & sales department in-house. By outsourcing market research to outsider providers, they can use their assets on core business territories like sales, lead generation, advancements, and so forth. As a virtual service company, UIZ market research team works with high responsibility, dedication, and a 100% reliable result. We provide the service to our clients a comprehensive view of your new market entry, target customers, competition analysis, and market opportunity process. Results are presented on the map in order to improve understanding, insight, and decision making in your company. UIZ market research services teams can help your company gain vital information about the competitors, economic shifts, demographics, current market trends & spending traits of your customers.

UIZ provide few different outsourcing market research services that might be useful for your business to grow, new market entry and bring the company goal.

- Financial Research Service.

- Financial Advisory Service.

- Market Research Service.

- Online Market Research Service.

- Business Research Service.

- Business Analytics Service.

- Primary and Secondary Research Services.

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Sales Management Service:


Sales management is very important for any kind of business. This way you can keep the sales record and record of your company ravinews. Every big business has a sales management team to manage all the sales reports and support the management team to improve in different solutions and decision-making processes. But, in the case of small and mid-size organizations, it is a bit costly and time-consuming to keep in-house sales management team. In this point, virtual sales management services can help you improve their sales organization’s effectiveness and increase revenue.

As a virtual service provider company, UIZ provides sales management services for your company. We have over a decade of experience in sales and marketing management. Our experienced team uses high and advanced technology to assist you with your company sales process at a reasonable cost. It will help you to keep your sales records, monthly, annually sales report, records of high sales and low sales. We enable our clients to measurably improve and manage their sales management cycle from start to finish. Our highly flexible and customizable order-to-cash solution helps customers to choose from a full solution or start with a subset of processes, business units or locations. Contact us to know more about the sales management process.

Data Entry Service:

Data entry is an important aspect of the organization to maintain organizational data. The data is said to be a reflection of the company or the firm, it gives you an obvious view regarding the advancement or diminishing of the company, and furthermore determines what measures can be taken to correct the issues. Sometimes, the company keeps in-hours data entry employees to manage data entry works. In many cases, it is expensive to hire in-hours data entry management employees. Also, for small and midsize businesses it is extremely expensive to keep data entry employees. So, Outsourcing virtual employee services is the right idea in this case.

Apart from the virtual services UIZ provides the data entry services with low-cost. Our teams are highly knowledgeable on data entry and data management processes and they have used advanced technology for data collection and data entry. That will give you a 100% unique data entry output for your business. Contact UIZ for more information about data entry service.

Data Entry | Data Entry Service

Overall, we can understand from all this explanation above, to run the business smoothly and reach your business goals a business needs to focus properly on different parts of the business. Starting from market research to sales the product the management team needs to manage every aspect in the right way. Sometimes, to manage every aspect of the business, it becomes costly or too expensive. In the point, the businesses need to outsource virtual services. As virtual service company UIZ provides the best virtual service for any kind of business including, website development, web design, software development, Apps developments, graphics design, multimedia services, marketing, social media marketing, SEO services, marketing research and many more. UIZ’s has a wide range of international teams, they are highly knowledgeable in different parts of the virtual services. Moreover, the UIZ’s have used advanced technology, which helps us to provide the 100% unique and security output for our clients.