How can an advertisement be protected on Google AdWords?

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How can an advertisement be protected on Google AdWords?

Google AdWords Protection

Nowadays it has become common for the companies to put an advertisement (better known as “ad”) on the top of the results of Google research. It is an online ad, and everybody can click on it and have access to the linked web page. The problem is that these ads are always more in danger due to hackers who try to steal data and information, as well as elaborating click frauds. For this reason, one of the main priorities of the companies is to protect this data and make them secure and safe. The search engine Google offers a paid advertisement platform, named AdWords and it is very useful for protecting ads on Adwords and the information linked to it. Besides this, in a few studies, it has been found that competing company use an automated clickbait to click the ad. In general, an advertising agency has a limited budget for each camping in his/her account. The clickbait hits the Ad resulting fake click and money loss. Doing so, the advertising agency ad does not appear anymore. In such circumstance, its present requirement to have your Adwords Protection with us.

Tips for Google AdWords Protection – account for a single user

  1. Check the unauthorized changes: It is always a good idea to check the activities register and looks for some changes that could be unauthorized: maybe an alteration on your advertisement or just access to the profile from an unknown device. These little chinks suggest that maybe somebody hacked your account and it is better to intervene.
  2. UIZ Team to monitor Adwords fraud

    Team to monitor Adwords fraud

  3. Scan malware on your computer: It is fundamental to have always an antivirus updated to the latest version and well working, in order to prevent hackers to insert in your PC every kind of malware that could damage both your device and your account.
  4. Choose strong and creative passwords and update them frequently: It is strongly recommended to change your password very frequently, at least once every six months. A strong password should include capital letters, numbers and they have not to be related to personal names or generally things or people easy to discover from the hackers. Obviously, it is fundamental to have a different password for each account or email: if only one profile will be hacked, then will be the others.
  5. Enable 2-step verification: With the 2-step verification, an account is safer, because it is connected both to the phone and the computer, and username and password are asked every time the access to the profile is tried. This means that if one of your devices will be stolen or hacked, it will not be possible to enter the account without having the other device. 2-step-verification allows being safer in every situation.

Tips for Google AdWords Protection – account for multiple users

If the need for opening a multiple users’ account shows up, you can do it, because it is extremely convenient, especially for companies. In order to get safe with this kind of account, it is suggested to follow not only the rules for a single user account but also other ones.

  1. Generate a personal profile for each person using this account: It is convenient to share an account, but it is not sharing the username and/or the password. For this reason, the safest option is to have different usernames and passwords for each Google AdWords account user.
  2. Bestowing the lowest profile for each user: When a new user profile is going to be settled, you can choose the importance level of this profile. It is fundamental to have just one administrative user, whereas the other users should have the lowest profile. It is the best way to have quality coordination of the account.
  3. Deactivate any inactive user from the profile: If somebody leaves the company for any reason, it is strictly necessary to delete his/her user account. Otherwise, he/she can always log in to the Google AdWords profile and make undesired changes. It is a good idea to make a list of the current users in order to know who is making changes to the profile.

Click fraud problem – Google AdWords Protection

UIZ click fraud research and management

Click fraud research and management

Click fraud is a technique commonly used in order to inflate over the pay-per-click advertisement. It is generally used by advertisers who want to damage their competitors by increasing the number of clicks on their advertisement and, consequently, accelerating the process of ending up their advertisement budget. Moreover, the ads publishers click on the ads that are on their own websites in order to produce more income for themselves.

Using a Google AdWords account, you are not going to face this kind of problem. Google, in fact, has a huge amount of online filters whose aim is to check and catch click frauds. These filters are always updated so that they can react to every new form of fraud. Moreover, if you are an AdWords account owner, you can control how many invalid clicks have been filtered from your Google AdWords account through a special section of your account.

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