Radar Manufactures, Wroclaw, Poland

UIZ has done a fantastic job by monitoring and optimizing our website. They are knowledgeable and up-to-date with all the latest technologies and ready to face challenges. This is very important and I didn’t find such skills with any other outsourcing company I have worked with in the past.  

Surveying Company, Sydney, Australia

Our organization has been using UIZ services of website monitoring and camera monitoring support for a year now. We are extremely thankful to them for their diligent work and serving clients to the best of their abilities. An absolutely great company to work with.

Surveying Company, Berlin, Germany

We've been very happy with the work of UIZ. Thank you for doing statistical analysis for us over the last couple of years. Working with you is always a pleasure.

Surveying Company, Budapest, Hungary

We have worked with numerous data entry firms, but UIZ has earned our trust above any other. During our work together, we have noticed the consideration and patience with which the administration and staff have implemented our feedback. In turn, we have improved our very own business forms as a result of this cooperation.

Car Recovery, Prague, Czech Republic

UIZ did a fabulous job in assisting us in the development of our customer satisfaction survey.  Their team was very responsive to our schedule, they were fast in understanding what is important in our business, they provided fast turn-around in developing the survey and solicited the clients feedback efficiently.

Brand Acet management Company, Milan, Italy

UIZ is one of the great companies to work with. We have been working with them for data research, website updates and SEO since a very long time, and they have demonstrated seriousness and awareness when achieving the goals of the project, understanding this with profoundly proficient specialists. We were dazzled by the flawless result of our collaboration.

Import Export Company, Warsaw, Poland

I was extremely happy with the group of UIZ. We have been working with them for a while and their professionalism and patience was immensely profitable for us. They have helped us to developed numerous modules to extend our website and to monitor it.

Software Sales, London, UK

Having worked with UIZ on critically urgent projects, I can genuinely recommend them to anybody searching for a strong and credible SEO and website monitoring. They worked well with our freelance core group. It is a sadly uncommon to find, yet we are glad we did.

Non-profit organization, Berlin, Germany

I had the pleasure of working with UIZ. They are very experienced, responsive, fast and knowledgeable in the field of data research.  We were very impressed that Thakur International took the time to learn our business and helped us find ways to get the greatest value out of our business goal.

Software Development Company, Krakow, Poland

We've been attempting to assemble a functional website since we started our business. We are glad to say that we finally hired the team at UIZ and they've worked closely with us throughout the process, remaining focused, and within our budget. I also appreciate their fast and kind reactions. I highly recommend their administration!

Data Analysis Company, Warsaw, Poland

We would like to express our appreciation for the collaboration regarding data research and data entry. UIZ and the development team did a very professional job. We are satisfied with the solution provided to us and with the communication flow throughout the project time. We would like to recommend UIZ and its development team. We would be utterly pleased to work with them in future projects.

Import Export Company, Warsaw, Poland

The team at UIZ is a joy to work with. They convey quality work, and have no hesitation to solve extra problems! Thanks a lot for your work. Well done guys!

Event Management, Prague, Czech Republic

UIZ helped us get some clarity at a point when we couldn’t figure out what we wanted. Their expertise, client administration and their follow ups were absolutely crucial.

Media Solutions Company, Riga, Latvia

I just checked my new website. WELL DONE folks - you filled my heart with joy!!! Looks great!

Engineering Service, Tallinn, Estonia

Working with UIZ has been a huge advantage for our company. They provided us a great industry support and help us to grow our business. Their work has been remarkable and they have consistently been incredibly responsive and reliable – they are extraordinary in communicating with people and they provide detailed performance reports.

Engineering Service, Olomouc, Czech Republic

I wanted to take a minute to reach out and touch base with your team personally. It has been a while since we hired UIZ for  customer care center and their team have been a great asset for us. They have been very helpful in freeing up valuable time from our local customer's busy schedules, and allowing them to know what's new with us.

Furniture Trading, Val De Marne, France

We want to show our gratitude to UIZ for their work. They made countless additions to our website both in terms of functionality and quality. I’m completely satisfied with the standard of their development skills as well as with the responsibility and the polite manner they manage communication with us and our customers.

Music Instrument, Paris, France

Special thanks for helping us make a brand new effective website for our music product. UIZ's  team proved their mastery in a deep range of website designing. We value their proactive methodology and capacity to suggest improvements to a prospective solution.

Medical supplier, Maastricht, Netherlands

I’ve had the pleasure to work with UIZ on various projects including both website designing and camera monitoring. They brought together great people with excellent project management and leadership skills. Their technical talent was fantastic and it matched well with our team. So, we got consistent results. They were always helpful and accommodating to our schedules and deadlines. I highly recommend UIZ for your next project.

Farm Supplier, Warsaw, Poland

It has been  really great to work with UIZ. Here, you can find a group of really creative people who can design amazing stuff. My website and business both are gaining great responses in the market. Thanks for the effort and passion shown.

Data Solution Company, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I am more than satisfied with the way the project has turned out, and with the overall experience itself. I have been raving about your organization to everybody I know, and I will definitely be sending you more tasks later on.

Data Solution Company, Tallinn, Estonia

I had been fighting with this data analysis issue for months now and you were the third company trying to find a fix. I'm just glad to have it up and running the way it should!

Building Supplies Company, Paris, France

You are absolutely the best people we have ever worked with! We loved your company the most because of the amazing quality of work you do. We are very satisfied with UIZ services. They have met all our expectations in great quality. I believe we are truly a success due to the fact that we cooperate with such a great team.

Accounting and Auditing Company, Helsinki, Finland

UIZ provides a very high standard of work within agreed deadlines. We are really happy with the services we got. Aside from the affordable prices, we now have our Monthly Management Accounts produced much faster than before and our processes are connected more rigorously.

Technology and Data Management Company, Tallinn, Estonia

UIZ managed our technical and data management system. It has been an absolute joy to work with their team of specialists. The response time, level of expertise, one-on-one training & support is unestimable. They are very responsive, prioritizing significant issues that emerge and dealing with them rapidly and successfully.

Wood import, Berlin, Germany

After a frustrating search for a graphic designer, we were relieved to find UIZ. The quality of their website (both the look and content) also distanced them from their peers. Their creativity,  professionalism is very impressive. Their team rapidly understood what we were searching for and was extraordinary in conveying their reasoning and progress. We were amazed by their work and we would definitely recommend them to other people.

Medical equipment import and sales company, Berlin, Germany

They offer high quality, customer-oriented services at the lowest prices. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the work they have done for me. UIZ designed our website and did an excellent job in developing the concept and implementing it. We are extremely happy with the logos and site they have created.

Cleaning Company, Hamburg, Germany

When I originally chose to begin my own cleaning business, everything seemed so overwhelming. I had to create my website, but I hadn’t done anything like that before. So, I have decided to work with UIZ. They’ve truly done a great job and they have included all the data I required. Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about how professional my site looks. I couldn't have done this without the help of UIZ.

Construction Company, Hamburg, Germany

We needed something new and exciting: something that would give us a headstart on our competitors. UIZ delivered a site that went way beyond our expectations. The best part – we have had more reactions from our new site in 3 MONTHS than we have had from our old one in 5 YEARS! We will definitely work with UIZ again.

E-commerce, Munich, Germany

The Virtual employee we got from UIZ focused on our objective and helped us reach our goals. She was really competent and committed to both completing the tasks we had assigned her and to add value to our company. We have saved a lot hiring a virtual employee with UIZ. Plus, the support services we got from your team was top-notch both in terms of quality and amount of work produced. 

Construction Company, Berlin, Germany

The time had come to rebrand my organization and build up another site. Since I had heard about UIZ from some other colleagues, I decided to reach out to them. I didn't have a huge amount of time to spend directing the task and, to my surprise, I didn't need to – UIZ dealt with everything and gave me an extremely strong corporate personality that exceeded my expectations. I like my new logo and website. My company makes a great first impression now!

Restaurant, Cologne, Germany

I am happy with the work of UIZ, especially with the Virtual Vault for cash management. I feel much more secure about how my money is handled now. I also wanted to add that the respectability and kindness of staff are really praiseworthy. All in all, I had a positive experience working with this company.