Financial and Accounting Services

UIZ offers excellent financial and accounting services with accounting and financial experts. Our Financial & Accounting Outsourcing Services provide finance and accounting solutions with the integration of domain experts and worldwide network and technology solutions.
We serve the search, transition, transformation, execution and continued value creation of finance and accounting processes through a cost-effective business process outsourcing BPO service model without compromising on quality and compliance.

Initially, they focused on high-volume activities related to the following features.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

In addition to improving management focus on core tasks, F&A outsourcing can result in immediate cost savings by performing accounting services in a more cost-effective location that offers economies of scale. An outside provider can often provide higher quality services because they have access to more experienced staff, backed by greater investment in best practice research and technology. It will lead to identifying potential savings in the millions per year. Finally, outsourcing can improve controls through improved segregation of duties, better documentation of processes and performance levels, and greater levels of automation.

The UIZ offers a portfolio in the field of accounting services.

Our clients are kept up to date on applicable financial reports and related legislative changes, while also receiving appropriate advice to maximize the potential of their business. Backed by the power of world-class audit processes, we enable our clients across all industries to realize the benefits of risk management, from assessment to transformation.

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