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1What domain name will be suitable for my website?
The decision of domain name relies on how you intend to use it. In most cases, choosing the name that is easy to spell makes sense. Most importantly, you should pick a domain that is quick to remember and not confusing.
2How much time does it take to build a complete website?
This is a question we get posed mostly and unfortunately the reply is: it depends on your requirements. Some websites take months for design and development; while others can take only a few weeks. Each company has different requirements and every client has various goals. It's difficult for us to tell, so we don’t discuss until we know your requirements. Through meetings, conversation and planning we'll be able to comprehend your needs and then be able to estimate a project.
3Will my website be responsive?
Absolutely! Having a responsive website is a higher priority than at any other time! We work hard to optimize your site to look great on every device.
4How much does a website building cost?
Depending on your design and function requirements, our costs differ. Please contact us for more details.
5What platform do you use to build websites?
Primarily we use Wordpress and webflow for any website design but if you have something else in your mind we will work through that. What sort of businesses do you work with? We work with organizations from a wide scope of enterprises, yet basically have experience working with B2B clients in the Industrial, Educational and Hospitality areas and some B2C clients.
6Can you help me write technical content for my website?
Definitely, we have a team of expert technical writers, building SEO friendly content is their specialties.
7What if I don't like the website design?
If you are not happy with the primary design of your website, we will coordinate with you further and think of another design. Our aim is to satisfy clients with a design that meets their every requirement.
8Will you provide access to the website when it’s completed?
Yes! We love it when our clients take responsibility for their site and figure out how to oversee it all alone. We’ll guide you through the process to assist you with learning your way around.
9Would you be able to help me update my existing website that another company built?
Yes. We are glad to look at your existing website and give you a statement for updating and maintaining it. It's best to have a meeting with us to tell us what project you’re currently working with and what your needs are for this update.

Below we have answered frequently asked questions by people who show interest in working with us

1What is the responsibility of a web developer?
A web developer is responsible for designing and developing websites as specified by the client. S/he will be responsible to • Work with graphics and other designers.
• Troubleshoot website problems.
• Maintain and update websites.
• Monitor website traffic.
2How can we apply for a web developer?
If you meet our required qualification and experience and are interested you can email us at [email protected] with our resume and cover letter specifying the position you are applying for in the subject section or call us at 030 20679115 for more information.
3Do I need to sign any contracts, if yes, for how long?
As per company rules, any new employee has to sign a contract. During that period you will be trained and guided by our experts. Based on the skills you show during that period the company can decide to either hire you or terminate the contract. For more info contact us at 030 20679115.
4Do I have to have my own computer setup?
NO, you don’t need to have your own computer setup. The office takes care of the equipment you require during your time at the office.
5How do I know if choosing a web developer as a career path is right for me?
If you are reading this, this probably is the right career path for you. Anyone who is interested and has mentioned qualification, good communication skills, is familiar with recent technology and has a strong desire to improve their skills in the field of Web Development can have a bright career.
6Does Webdesign-bpo offer flexible working hours?
Unfortunately, currently flexible hours are not available but we are working towards providing our employees the advantage of flexible hours.