Fixed Asset Management

We recognize capitalization & fixed asset management as a disciplined project solution prioritized for maximum impact with a clear return on investment (ROI) for our client. We have inventoried & capitalized fixed assets ranging from a small-scale unit to multi-billion dollar organizations having numerous businesses and sites spread over varied geographical regions.



No matter whether an organization is big or small, every business brings costs and expenses that may reduce the business's taxable income. Sometimes, employees — not just employers — are the ones who bring business expenses. That’s where expense reimbursement comes in.

Benefits of Our Clients

We provide our clients with best-practice financial support, guidance, and consultation, including re-engineering opportunities, and innovation and process advancements. We help different organizations with their employee reimbursement and help to solve their problems like real-time tracking of pending claims which leads to faster communication to employee queries.

Capitalization primary activities carried out include:

image of Physical verification
Physical verification and tagging of Assets.
Image f
CWIP (Capital work-in-progress) analysis to initiate capitalization process

Image of Provisional capitalization - UIZ Berlin
Provisional capitalization (in cases where information is not available)
image of Inter circle asset transfer - UIZ Berlin
Inter circle asset transfer activity based on receipt of information

Automation of Fixed Asset Management

Our company deals with the complete automation of fixed asset management. The service comprises certain activities that may be included fully or partially based on the client’s needs: a monthly review of assets added, transferred, and removed. The primary activity includes database maintenance, tagging, and standard and ad-hoc reports.
We help you with the convenience of managing the entire life cycle of the fixed asset management process. We provide the highest reliability offered by the industry. We achieve this through our well-alert assessment team who serves you based on your requirement.