Data Collection

A business performance management is a continuous sequence of decisions, ones more important than others, but all of them with a repercussion in the future of the company. To make these decisions in the most efficient way, companies use the information provided by an analysis process of data collected.

Data is a very important asset for any kind of business. It is the main component for obtaining information for making decisions about our performance to achieve the established goals. But this process is not always easy, Data Collection is also time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes can be a mess if we do not use the correct tools or methods.

The process of Data Collection is the one in charge of measuring information obtained from targeted variables. This obtained information will be the one that will help us to answer relevant questions posed previously for making concrete decisions about the company. In other words, Data collection is one component of the research process and can perfectly be applied in different fields such as sciences, humanities, and business. Any kind of decision, study, and research in any kind of field or company can be developed thanks to the Data Collection process, as it provides enough evidence to support the decisions made.

Another important point in Data Collection is to be accurate with the instruments and methods used depending on the type of data that we want to collect and work with so that we can analyze the correct data and reduce the likelihood of error.

UIZ has a dedicated team of data collection experts and analysts.  We assemble qualitative and significant data from expanded online-based resources within a stipulated time period. We are prepared to filter through any kind of information and change it into important market and business experiences, to help your organization in settling on the most ideal business decisions. 

Our team of data collection and analytics are highly knowledgeable on various research and data analysis skills, tools, software, and different research processes, which makes us the strongest outsourcing data collection service provider. Our experts with comprehensive data collection experience utilize advanced procedures to gather voluminous amounts of data and deliver important investigation bits of knowledge as visual dashboards to your organization.

Our wide range of outsourcing data collection services include :

  • Data collection for Market research

  • Data collection from the survey and questionnaire

  • Collect data from websites

  • Data collection and analyzing

  • Medical data collection/hospital records

  • Clients data collection

  • Marketing - promotional data collection

  • Product details, pricing & generating review data collection

Benefits of outsourcing data collection services :

As mentioned above, data is very important in the business’ performance and, especially, to the decisions making process. In most cases, the Data Collection process is not easy and can be hard and time and money-consuming. Moreover, it is very important that you have a good team ready and with the necessary knowledge about all the requirements and the process to collect this data. You have also to be provided with the proper equipment and tools to be more efficient.

It is true that the Data Collection process can be expensive, especially if you are not provided with all the necessary resources mentioned. For this reason, a lot of companies decide to outsource these services. This way, they can have good information about their company and use it for making decisions without having to spend a huge amount of money in the process.

In addition to this, Outsourcing Data Collection services can also benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Outsourcing service providers can help you to improve your business professional workforce.

  • It will help your developing data strategy.

  • Outsourcing companies support you with optimized data management.

  • Outsourcing service providers offer services low-cost services that will help you to cut down expenses.

  • Outsourcing service providers will help your company to save time.

  • Outsourcing service providers offer a quality of the service with grantees of security.

  • Accurate data enabling informed business decisions .

  • They can provide your qualified market analysis service with competitor analysis.

The data collection process

      1. Identify issues/opportunities for the Data Collection

    Firstly, we have to be able to see if there is any issue in our company’s performance, as it could be a way to identify a potential area to focus our data gathering. On the other hand, we can also find the situation in which our company detects a possible market opportunity. In this case, we will have possible opportunities for the Data Collection process. In other words, what we are doing in this first step is to have an internal and external assessment that will provide us with the necessary information for determining the direction of our research.

      2. Select specific issues/opportunities and set the objectives

    Once we have identified possible issues or opportunities for our research, we have to select a specific issue or opportunity to focus our data gathering process depending on our priorities and on how useful this research is going to be for our company and performance. The next step is to define the goals that we want to achieve with this research. These goals can be the way to solve the problem or an answer to the hypothesis raised from the opportunity found.

      3. Plan an approach and methods

    The next step will be to decide what approach and what methods we are going to use in our Data Collection process. Depending on the objective, we will have to collect different types of data and use different data gathering methodologies. It is important to choose the correct sources to obtain good quality data, as it is a very important aspect to consider when we obtain data analysis information. This step also includes the definition of the target, or group of interest, and how we are going to get the information from them. This will not take the same time for all the types of data or objectives, that is the reason why we also have to plan the duration of the project.

      4. Collect data

    The fourth step will be to start with the data collection. All steps in the data collection process are very important and essential for good results. Nonetheless, this one is a very delicate stage and requires our attention to a lot of important aspects. We have to put special attention to any detail of this step as it can have a big influence on the results obtained. For example, we have to carefully consider who is going to collect the data, how to apply the methodology specified in the previous step, design how we are going to communicate and minimize the error of the results.

      5. Analyze and interpret data

    Once we have the data collected we have to analyze and interpret the results obtained. Depending on the type of data that we have gathered and the objectives that we want to achieve with this research, we are going to use different methods. Each company has to know its own capacity and expertise to analyze this data.

      6. Act on results

    We have mentioned that data collection is used by companies for making decisions with solid support. At this stage of the process, we have obtained the information required for making decisions. Now is the time to act according to the results obtained. There can be another scenario, a non-desirable one, in which the company realizes that they do not have enough information to support a decision. In this case, they will have to start the data collection process again.

The data collection areas offered

As we know, data collection through a process of data analysis is used to obtain relevant information about the company's performance in order to make informed decisions. The development of any company is determined by a succession of small and big decisions, and depending on these decisions the company will grow or not. This use of information obtained from data collection can be applied to any type of business from any sector.

- the input of personal customer data through the GPS location
- the input of information for the advertisement or classified ads in an online news portal
- transmission of Papers based on market research results
– Updating customer data
– Processing input and output invoice
– Tracking student results at a college or university

UIZ Berlin offers full customized data collection services to meet the exclusive needs of various business sectors including marketing, retail, e-commerce, sales- management, consulting services, survey, market research, data analysis, health medicine, data entry, and much more. We are constantly working on implementing new ideas to build and develop new methods and tools that ensure that you can leave your data collection tasks to us. UIZ uses this application for specially developed software systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business. These data collection services are often combined with customer advisors and distribution network operators in customer centers.

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