7 tips for effective Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Talking of social media everybody has their minds pointed to different thoughts and targets; some think of modeling, others think of news, others think of socializing while others are thinking of marketing. Every one of those share the target though of how they can take full advantage of social media which takes the center stage of the world right now, you have the access to social media – you have the access to the world. Social media marketing is capitalizing on the dominant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. in the right way to put forward your business marketing to the world stage.

It is clearly undeniable that in today’s world, social media is the best and most effective way to market your business as you build your own network and assured that your whole network and possibly, your network’s network will be your victims. One important key here is to know what platform is best suited for what purpose so as to maximize the effect. To learn more about social media marketing, you can visit UIZ’s page who has currently been active and doing a very good job in the field.

Being introduced to the SMM, it is high time you got to the social media for the sake of your business as soon as possible so you can be part of the talk, be it a good or a bad one, you have to be part of the talk to move forward. These are seven fundamental tips you want to have in mind going about social media marketing effectively.

Here are the 7 tips for effective Social Media Marketing

1. Know and focus on your goals

First and foremost, you need to have a clear mind on what you want to use the social media for; is it going to be for advertising, networking, reputation building, customer service or even direct sales. Answers to these questions will help you manage your marketing well and is the essential step the marketer has to take for maximum effect. This will also help you decide on which would be the appropriate platform to use. Lacking focus and consistency in your social media use will, in turn, hurt your marketing as neither the targets nor you as the marketer will know what to specifically to expect out of it.

2. Know your audience for effective Social Media Marketing

I believe knowing which audience you are targeting is the next thing you want to think about carefully in SMM; knowing their age, their interests, their type of talks, knowing in which social media they spend most of their time and such type of little details. These details will help you know how to attract their attention, how to put your work in a target-specific appealing manner from language use, trending styles, etc. your target here is not to publish an ad or something but putting forward the needs of your audience so they can find it useful and interesting.

3. Getting the right person for social media marketing

Then follows this element after evaluating your targeted audience, where you will have to do proper screening of your resources and know who would be the right content designer for social media marketing. For a content designer, it is important to pick an expert who shares some of the interests and caliber so he would know the exact way and exact content to include but still be a creative and innovative designer and planner who can come up with something attention-demanding. You will also need a person who is a good communicator for response giving or online and personal meetings, etc

4. Go all in. Put together all your marketing experience

It would be the best idea to collect all your marketing expertise and efforts, put in all your available time, gather as large network as possible – online and physical, being active and integrating it to altogether. This will ensure your marketing skills are going hand in hand with social media marketing, hence more effective.

5. Monitoring the performance of your marketing

You have to dedicate some of your time into paying visits to all the social media you are using and at to all the marketing posts you have posted. This will allow you to read the comments people make about your post and get to know if you need to respond to any comments or inbox texts. By so doing, you will be closing the gap with your target audience and try to offer as more target-oriented service as possible as you will get to know what they want exactly. On the other plus side, it also shows the activeness of your page which increases the belief of customers to express their feelings about the service knowing that they will reach the service provider; and for your improvement, it is what you need.

6. Favor quality before quantity

I will explain this mantic in two different ideologies which are applicable, important and commonly overlooked in recent marketing posts. First is on the sense of page follower; do target in convincing people to follow your page by words so as to have many followers – this is mostly done through people adding phrases like “follow”, “like”, “comment” at the end of every post. Honestly, this carries a meaning which is not very good for you, it shows that you very much posted to get more followers than advertise your service. A good marketer should let those come by themselves and not go out and look for them. Having a few but engaged followers are better than having enormous but idle followers.

The second is in the sense of the cost of services, whenever you make a post, highlight more on the quality of service offered than how much it costs. Doing otherwise will either scare the customers if they find out your services are too high then they can afford without even focusing on the service. Let the cost come later after knowing the service so they can be part of your marketing by possibly spreading to others even if they themselves cannot afford. So, focus more on offering service first then money will follow.

7. Welcome challenges and get better

In social media, one thing that you cannot avoid is poor comments which come together with good comments. However, you should be able to take them as challenges and open more room for customers to express their feelings so that they can help you learn and step up your game in the areas you are receiving critics. If you look at it from another eye and take advantage of it, it will help you get better and better.

To summarize here are our 7 tips in an infograph:

UIZ's 7 tips for effective Social Media Marketing

7 tips for effective SMM

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