AdWords Bot Blocker from UIZ Berlin

Our AdWords Bot Blocker services will assure you real-time and Automatic protection from Click Bots.

We Help you save your AdWords budget. We offer up to 100% reduction in click Bots.

UIZ Berlin is a Berlin-based web service provider. We provide services to our clients all over the world. We have been working with businesses from different horizons. UIZ’s Research and Development team feels proud to offer a new service, which helps in curbing the AdWords Clicker Bots.

What are AdWords Fraud Click Bots?

Many people are not aware of the AdWords Bots. Well, these are the new type of fraud Bots, which your competitors or hackers use in order to finish your AdWords campaign so that your website ranking goes down.

Click frauds occur on the internet pay-per-click online advertising. In pay-per-click advertising, the website owner pays for the advertising, depending on the number of clicks that the visitors make on their website. Fraud occurs when a person or a bot or any other type of program, imitates a genuine user and clicks on such ads without having any actual interest in the targeting ads link. This costs a huge amount of money to the website owner.

What we Protect you from?

How do we protect you?


Our algorithm monitors all the clicks initially, and checks them. This is the understanding phase. It generates the list of all the clicks, and also the impression left by those clicks.

Our algorithm then detects the clicks which seems to be suspicious. These clicks are classified based on various factors and criteria which has been Pre-set to the system.
Blocking Phase

Once the clicks are detected, they are blocked from the advertisements. These clicks can still come to the website by organic search. But not by the AdWords, so you dont have to pay for these clicks any more.
Final Results

As a final result, a report is generated on the clicks.

The blocked clicks are not harmful any more.

The campaigns are saved, and is available for the genuine customers.

  Google Action on Bot UIZ´s Click Bot Protectors offers
Action of multiple ips Reporting Blocking
Action for Fraudulent clicks Fill the form Blocking the whole range of Fraudulent clicks.
Ad position Goes down, as fraud clicks goes undetected Is still retained for Genuine customer.
Reports General basic Report Detailed report

Al the end, your ad is saved, your position is maintained, and also for the fraud clicks, you can claim your money from google.

Features we offer ..


We identify the device from which the bots are active on your campaigns. We list all the IPs used and the time frames. This helps you get refunds from Google or bot clicks.

Stop the fraud from occurring

Our system doesn't wait for any instruction to stop the fraud. It stops the fraud before it happens and causes further loss. It learns itself, thanks to the latest AI technologies.



We provide detailed reports to our clients, to make it easy for them to understand the results achieved from the system. These results are easily understandable.

Customize rules for detection

We can customize the rules as per the client's wish. The algorithm can be customized as per the client or it can be set as the default values, as per the security level needed.



The algorithm is safe and tested. It does not harm your AdWords campaigns or spoil them. It just protects you.

Blocking Clicker
Bots IP

Our system will identify the Adwords Clicker Bots and block their IPs, including the whole IP range.

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Our algorithm runs round the clock. We monitor all the clicks and block the click round the clock to provide better results.


We can target specific campaigns if needed. It can be fully customized and can be set to target specific campaigns.

Our packages

  Essential Standard Hero
Saving upto 10000 Eur per month 20000 Eur per month 40000 Eur per month
Automatic IP Blocking
24/7 Monitoring
Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks -
Insightful Dashboard
Clicks monitored 1000 5000 No Limit
Domains Included 1 1 No Limit
IPv6 Support
Account Sharing -
Dedicated Account Manager - -
Detected IP Reason -
VPN & Proxy Blocking -
Account & Campaign Level Blocking -
Aggressive Mode -
Cross Domain Blocking - -
Block IP Ranges -
Geo-based Blocking -

We do offer Special Packages for Agencies.