Travel Service

UIZ is dedicated to serving your customer in your travel service which benefits you in various ways such as:

Increase Travel Agency Sales with Live Website Chat

  • The proliferation of discount travel agencies and automated ticketing websites in the last few years has dramatically increased the competition in the travel industry, making it harder than ever to attract customers and make a profit.

  • These days, travel agents need to be savvier than ever to stay ahead. They must combine their knowledge and experience with exceptional customer service to maintain and expand their client base. They must make their expertise available to as many potential clients as possible. Live support chat enables agents to do this.

  • UIZ's live chat system allows agents to make friendly, personable contact with each and every visitor to the travel agency website. It can make your website visitors feel as though they have passed through those glass doors of your travel agency service. You can greet them when they enter.

  • You can sit them down at your virtual desk and ask them where to want to go and help them in real-time with airline and hotel reservations.

  • Live chat is also the ideal solution for providing instant assistance to the occasional customer that needs to make last-minute changes in travel arrangements, and the occasional online visitor that needs to book a flight immediately and doesn't have time to wait for an email response.

  • Live website support on your website projects the image that your agency is customer service oriented. The live help button instills confidence in uncertain first-time customers and people not used to making travel arrangements over the internet in travel agency service. The live help button shows people that a real person will be available to help them in the future if they need customer support.

  • Provide Support live chat is the website tool that elevates your travel agency above the competition with live sales and superior customer service. It's the standout feature that will make your website visitors choose you over your competitors.

Advantages of Using Provide Support in Travel Sales

  • Provide Instant Answers

Any information that can be given over the phone can be given quicker and more efficiently with live chat.

  • Improved Agent multitasking

Unlike telephone conversations, one travel agency service agent may assist several online visitors at the same time, which decreases customer hold times.

  • Fast and Efficient Communication

Provide Support facilitates transferable chats and agent-to-agent chats for additional help.

  • Real-time Chat - Your Edge over the Competition

Ticket pricing is an important selling point, but most people, if given the choice, also prefer to have an agent they can call to work out travel arrangements. Live chat on your website allows agents to assist these customers while keeping overhead costs low.

  • Send Information to Website Visitors

Any customer questions that can be answered over the phone can be answered during a live chat session.

  • Cut Costs and Improve Service

Provide Support live chat is cost-effective for travel agencies of all sizes. With the cost of a typical customer telephone call averaging $5, providing support will help to cut your monthly toll-free and telephone costs. Fewer operators will be needed to answer calls. Instant online support means that customers no longer need to be put on hold and get the attention they need during peak business hours.

UIZ Virtual Assistant

We are proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in various fields so that we can provide virtual assistants to any organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.