Why Use Google AdWords?

There is a very old Marketing Quote 'Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half'.
Google AdWords is a proper solution to it.
Every single step of your marketing campaign can be measured, right from the number of clicks to the number of impressions, everything can be monitored.
This makes it very easy for you to measure your returns on the investment you have made. But for this, it is necessary to have a dedicated team which can regularly optimize your campaigns, select the demanding keywords, and take care of your ads, so that your matrices improve with time.

What is Google AdWords ?

One common question is, “What is Google AdWords?” Well, Google AdWords is Google's Advertising system that facilitates the advertisers to use certain keywords in order to enable a clickable advertisement to appear on Google’s search result page.

Why is Google AdWords Useful?

Google AdWords is truly useful for today’s businesses. According to a recent survey, 97% of global internet users get information before making a decision. That decision may be regarding buying a product or a service. AdWords influences customers and their buying decisions. Targeting the specific keywords through Google AdWords campaigns helps organizations to make their website, products, and services easier to find for their target audience.

Some of the major Benefits of using Google AdWords Services are:

Cost Effective

One of the main benefits of Google AdWords is that it is extremely cost-effective.
You have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click), and you can also define, how much you want to spend. You can set your budget to any amount per day. It has limitless options.
UIZ has a team of experts for its AdWords Services. Our experts design your campaign performance and will optimize it in such a way that your cost per click will gradually reduce with time.
This will increase the traffic to your website without increasing your budget.

Highly Targeted

Google AdWords customer targeting tools are highly sophisticated and they also provide advertisers various channels to organize their campaigns. These targeting includes:
Mobile targeting: Enhanced campaigns allows you to target mobile device users. This is important specially because today, most of the people use to search things on the go and in real time.
Language Targeting: AdWords supports more than 40 languages. So whatever may be your business language, it will support your campaign.
Location Targeting: the best part of Google AdWords is that it allows you to target specific geographical locations. For each and every campaign, you can select the location where you want to advertise.
Time Targeting: AdWords allows you to advertise even on selected hours.

How does Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords is a simple paid advertising, or pay per click (PPC)advertising on google.

Step 1: People search the keywords for the products or services they are looking for.
Step 2: If the Keywords people are searching for matches the key words you have selected for your advertising, your paid ad appears next to or above the organic google search results.
Step 3: When people select your ad, and click on them, they will land to your website to buy or know more about the product.

Why UIZ Berlin ?

UIZ Berlin provides effective and success oriented AdWords Campaigns.
Our google AdWords experts work regularly on designing and optimizing your AdWords campaign, so that your organization is always leading on the search results when the most important keywords are searched.
We take care of the entire control of the search engine marketing campaign, within your budget. We train our experts and keep them updated and highly motivated.