Data Gathering Services

About Data Gathering:

In general, data is one of the most important intangible assets for today’s business. Data gathering can be defined as the method of collecting, observing, evaluating and analyzing data to extract useful information to take an important business decision. In most cases, data gathering plays a vital role to gather information about product features, price range, target market, competitor analysis, new market identification, and market research. However, data gathering is not an easy process to gather exact data and needs the expertise of trained data analysts who can collect data from reliable and relevant sources.

Data Collection methods:

Data collection indicates a standardized way of gathering and measuring information to get an entire and particular idea in the area of interest. Data collection methods vary on the purpose and nature of data collection. In general, there are two methods of data collection: primary and secondary methods.

  • Primary Data:
  • Primary data refers to data when you collect data by yourself, that can be a collection of data from the direct audience, survey, experiment, observation, links analysis, user reviews, and website traffic.

  • Secondary Data:
  • Secondary data refers to data that has already been published in books, newspapers, magazines, journals, online portals, etc.
    Further, the data collection method can be divided into two broad categories: quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Quantitative Data:
  • The quantitative data refers to when data is collected through a mathematical process and numeric number. To collect quantitative data there are many different scales are used, that can be categories as nominal scale, ordinal scale, interval scale, and ratio scale.

  • Qualitative Data:
  • The qualitative data refers to data that are non-numeric, and normally descriptive or nominal. The qualitative data collected in different forms like interviews focus groups, group discussions, observations, and oral history.

Benefits of data gathering:

There are numerous benefits to data gathering. To begin with, data gathering helps you to take important business decisions. For example, if you want to run a new marketing campaign then data gathering will help you to target your actual and potential customers. Further, it helps you to improve business performance. For instance, after introducing a new product by using data gathering you can easily find out how successful is your new product and which aspect you may need improvement. Moreover, it helps to increase your customer engagement. By using advanced data gathering tool you can easily gather customer experience data. Based on this data you can offer more specific product which will increase your customer engagement. Finally, data gathering helps to reduce business cost. By storing a large amount of data you can take any kind of business decision most efficiently.

Thakur International ́s data gathering services:

Thakur International offers a variety of data gathering services to its customers based on customer need and object. Following services can be offered through data gathering.

  • Primary data gathering services:
  • Thakur International provides most customize primary data gathering services. We gather all primary data by using our own build mobile survey app. This survey app allows gathering data in text, numeric, and multiple-choice questions. And this survey app can record GPS coordinates, record audio, take pictures or video, scan barcodes, etc.

  • Secondary data gathering services:
  • In general, secondary data mainly collected from second-hand sources. However, Thakur International collects secondary data in a very exclusive way. We collect secondary data by using high-resolution scanners and digital tablet.

  • Qualitative data gathering services:
  • Qualitative data is mainly related to a real experience. For example, how people think and feel about the circumstances. Thakur International collect qualitative data on behalf of customers from the interview, real situation observation, texts and documents, multi-media or public domain sources, policy manuals, and photographs.

  • Quantitative data gathering services:
  • Quantitative data related to a numeric number which generally collected by survey. Thakur International offers customer to gather quantitative data services by using own mobile survey app.

Why you should work with Thakur International?

  • We offer highly customized data gathering services.
  • We provide the most reliable and relevant data.
  • Our elevated data gathering services ensure you to make key decisions on your business or service.
  • Our high skills and experienced team offers you high-quality data gathering services.