What is Google Analytics and how does it work?

Google Analytics | google analytics 360

Google Analytics | google analytics 360

What is Google Analytics and how does it work?


What is google analytics?

A frequent question is “what is google analytics?”.Well, Google Analytics is a free web tracking tool offered by Google. It helps to track websites, blogs, and social network sites. Additionally, it provides customized information regarding user behavior, use duration and using devices.

Why use google analytics?

Due to the innovation of digital channels, social media, and the internet of things now customers are more powerful than before, they have more options to switch to another company. The website is one of the most important touchpoints for you to attract and engage with customers. To attract and engage with customers it is important for you to understand the customer's behaviour, purchase patterns, expectations and how they are interacting with your website and content. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools which helps you to understand customers' behaviors and analyze website data. For example, who visit your website like their age, gender, interests, devices, and location.

What are the benefits of Google analytics?

Google Analytics is really helpful for modern business. Based on a recent report, 84.8% of the worldwide websites used google analytics to analyze it’s website traffic. It has a huge impact on clients and their purchasing choices. Google analytics helps companies to understand customer behavior, and design products or services based on customer desire requirements.

Some of the major benefits of using Google analytics services

  • Cost-free

Google analytics is completely cost free. You do not have to pay anything to use this service. So, you can invest this savings amount in your other business purpose.

  • Automatic data collection

Google analytics collects data automatically. You do not need to invest extra effort to put Google analytics data into Google Docs, Sites or Spreadsheets.

  • Allow to create a customized report

Google Analytics allows you to create a customized report. You just need to sign in it then navigate to your view and finally click on customization and then select reports from the drop down menu.

  • Capable to check internal site search

Google Analytics makes you capable of checking your internal site search. For example, who are your potential customers, what kind of product are they searching on your website. Additionally, it provides information to improve your website performance if something is lacking on your site.

  • Determine detail information of customers

Google Analytics helps you to determine detailed information of your customers. For example, their age, gender, interests, devices, and location
  • Identify visitor bounce rate

Bounce rate means when a visitor leaves a website after visiting a single page. For any business it is very important to identify visitor bounce rate. Bounce rate could happen because of bad content, slow to load page, blank page or technical error etc. However, Google Analytics will help you to identify your website visitor bounce rate.

How does google analytics work?

Google analytics works through following four different steps

By using web tracking code google analytics collect primarily four types of data. Firstly, user-level (related to actions by each user). Secondly, session-level (each individual visit). Third, the pageview level (each individual page visited). Finally, event-level (button clicks, video views, etc).

After collecting raw data google analytics begins to convert this data into useful data that gives you knowledge. To process them, every one of the information segments is analyzed independently. Google Analytics changes each quality into components that it calls 'fields'. Along these lines, for instance, the IP address will turn into the "Guest's IP" field. Each segment or line gives a few properties, and every one of them is put away in various territories.

The setting involves filtering the data to store in a database. After processing data Google analytics to store all data in database management.

Report generation is the last step of the google analytics working process. It provides different types of reports: real-time reports, audience reports, acquisition reports, behavioral reports, and customer dimension reports.

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