How to Sell Your Products on An E-commerce Website

The impact of e-commerce websites

Introduction of e-commerce websites has been a technological milestone with a lot of impact on simplification in sales and marketing. Taking it to a whole new level or performing the business online where with the help of internet one can reach a wider and dispersed network of potential customers. The outbreak of these kinds of platforms has eliminated some limitations in business among them being geographical limits, exposure and more. The e-commerce websites started with the current top dogs in the field such as eBay, Amazon and then extended to the social media where people treated them like e-commerce websites seeing that they can post their product ads and get the positive feedback – maybe not as much but sufficing.

Where the challenge arises

Using the open e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon is a lot easier and convenient, however, one has to address the competition on the platform provided that there are a lot of similar services offered by other providers with more or less the same storefronts and at a similar or less cost. The lack of uniqueness in the service you offer and the way you offer makes the competition breakdown to pricing and previews. If we are honest with ourselves, previews can be faked which makes things even more complicated.

This high competition makes marketers flee to social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram and more to try and get more audience but it should also be acknowledged that algorithms of social media changes timely which makes the ad appear today but not sure tomorrow or the days after. This inconsistency does pretty big harm to your business and may cause to loss of potential customer within a very short period of time.

The big-time solution

Therefore, the time spent in establishing your business in these open e-commerce websites – where all the storefronts look the same – could be well spent in establishing your business on a personal e-commerce website.

There are two major things to consider when targeting to do well in online marketing comfortably; standing apart from the competition and constructing your brand. Purchasing a product online has to be backed up by trust and brand as you would not buy a product from the untrusted and unbranded merchant online.

How building your own e-commerce website improves your online sales

In the near past getting a website for your business was very expensive and not scalable which made it only the option for some businesses and not the other. The large and already developed businesses would benefit from these websites but the small and starting businesses would most probably not benefit from the websites and might even fall in the loss as they used to cost up to USD 10,000 to hire a hardcore programmer. It is not sensible for a starting business to put in all that money into website making of a business which they are not even sure if it will come to make that much in return.

Recently, however, there have been many developments in the sector and the hardcore programming for e-commerce websites are not needed anymore and costs much cheaper to get your website up and running with just a one-time payment of euros 600-3,800 which includes all the backup, data entry and updating at an annual rate of euros 100. On top of that – as part of our services – we come with various options in the theme of the website where the customer will get to pick of their choice.

Majority of similar service providers, offering quality services are at the costs of up to euros 300 per month because they also have to pay on a monthly basis. Looking at this type of services by one year one will have paid around euros 3,800 which means for the next year the same amount will have to be paid and so on.

The advantages you will get by having your own e-commerce website

Having your own e-commerce website will definitely make your sales better than depending on the open online platforms or social media. Getting your own e-commerce website will build your business a brand name which will be consumer attracting as well as will put you away from the high competition which is in the open e-commerce platforms.

1. Create your own brand in the business

Getting your own e-commerce website will give you an advantage over the open platforms as they will know where to visit to find you for sure. This makes your company reliable and they know that there is a small to no chance that it can be a scam or fake store up to take people’s money without offering any service. Continuous good performance in sales and services to customers, in turn, builds trust in the customers which plays a part in maintaining the brand. As they say, “they say building a brand is not as hard as maintaining the brand. Achieving this with the earlier options discussed becomes harder as it is not assured that they can always find your products advertised and you are considered just another merchant with a popular product or service.

2. Places you away from the crowd

Having your own platform which just advertises and puts to display the products or services your company offer will definitely set you apart from the crowd and stand out solo. After this point things get a little easier for you will not be placed among hundreds of other merchants and hoping for a customer’s eye to drop on you. Once you have established your own brand people will go on your website and specifically look for what they want from your platform.

So a piece of advice for the online marketers after my self being a long-term online marketer, is that monitor the size of your company and know the appropriate size of the e-commerce website you need for it and get one. For a consultation, you can reach our company at any time through +49-30-20679116