Custom Software Development

Nowadays, IT and non-IT companies need software to help employers carrying out many kinds of tasks. Some types of software (such as accounting or database) can be created, standardized and their concept can be adapted to serve many companies.

However, the number of enterprises which prefer hiring a software provider is increasing. In fact, a considerable number of companies needs special, tailored software for their business. When a firm has a special requirement, managers can ask for the development of Custom Software.

1. What is Custom Software?

The name custom software (or bespoke software) refers to that kind of software which is developed for the special needs of a single customer. Thus, custom software is unique of its kind, because of its tailored features. The client (usually a company or organization) orders the product according to the preference and chooses specific features whose usage could not be possible purchasing an off-the-shelf software.

2. Advantages of Custom Software:

  1. Personalized: For sure, the most important advantage of Custom Software is that it is completely tailored according to your needs. This aspect is also the reason why companies choose Custom Software instead of purchasing off-the-shelf software.
  2. Spending just for the required functions: Since the features are chosen by the client, the software will only have functions that the company actually uses, avoiding unnecessary expenses for unneeded software.
  3. Less probability of hacker attacks: Hackers mostly attack software which is very well known to them for its liabilities. However, Custom Software can¬īt be attacked easily due to its unique nature. In terms of security, Custom Software is the most efficient type.
  4. Maintenance: Another advantage is the flexibility of the maintenance: Since the software is the property of the customer, the company decides when it¬īs time to update or operate maintenance on the software.
  5. No other hardware and/or software expenses: The tailored nature of the software allows you to have all the features you need so that you don¬īt need to locate your budget to any other software. Furthermore, your software will be created to fit the characteristics of the hardware you already own. That means that you will have zero cost for the hardware.

3. Choosing Custom Software:

The only obvious disadvantage of Custom Software is that it is, usually, more expensive than a normal one, even though the price lowered considerably due to the high number of companies offering this service and the vast variety of the tools to produce it. However, choosing Custom Software represents a good solution for every company which wants to have control of independent and functional software.

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