Cross-Platform App Benefits for Business

Cross-Platform App Benefits for Business

Nowadays, people use more than one software platform for all their devices. At the same time, when they are used to an application, they do not want their experience to be altered when switching to another device.
Traditionally, when we talked about mobile applications, we had to think about a different code language for each operating system, so that all the device platforms could recognize the app that you have built.
The main disadvantages of it were that it was a more expensive method. Each native mobile application would need a higher specific knowledge about 2-3 languages to use and, finally, if you use this application in a different device, your experience is going to be different.
For this reason, app developers needed to find an alternative to the traditional native apps. One of them is the Cross-Platform App.

What is a Cross-Platform App

A Cross-Platform App is the one that can be deployed on multiple platforms using a single codebase. It does not need to be developed in each of the technologies used in the platforms where the app is going to be used.

Cross-Platform Applications can be developed using two methods:
1. Native App - Cross-Platform App Development.
In this first method, native controls are still being used but the code is shared and the controls are built separately. This allows the application to have a good performance on all the platforms.
2. Hybrid App - Cross-Platform App Development.
In this second method, the code and the controls are shared. This method can work on simple applications. The performance for more complex apps using this approach could not be as good as using another one.


Advantages of Cross-Platform Apps

The main advantages of a Cross-Platform Application are:
1. Single Code Base
2. Wider Market Reach
3. Saves Time & Money
4. Uniform Design
5. Maintainability

1. Single Code Base
In Cross-Platform Applications, the code base can be reused by the developers. This is because of the customization of the code. So that, with a single code base, we are able to create an application ready to be used in multiple devices and operating systems.
2.Wider Market Reach
When using a native app, we are restricting, in some way, the use of it only for people that have the same operating system. With a Cross-Platform Application, these barriers disappear as it can be deployed in multiple devices without altering the user experience. So this means that a larger audience can get it without having any difficulty.
3. Saves Time & Money
As a consequence of the advantage that we have just mentioned, as we do not have to create multiple code bases for the different operating systems, we are saving money in app development and in the specialization required to do this process. Moreover, because of the same reasons, we are also saving a lot of time compared to the traditional approach.
4. Uniform Design
Because of the capability to be deployed in multiple devices with a single code base, the design of the application will be maintained despite changing from one device to another. That is the reason why the experience that the users are going to have is going to be the same.
5. Maintainability
In case that the developers would need to do any modification of the app, they are going to be able to apply any modification required. Moreover, this modification will be updated in all the platforms where the application is being deployed. This is thanks to the use of a single code base that connects all the devices with their own operating system.

Best Android app development languages

Android is an open-source stage. By using the local Android SDK with Java and Kotlin or with the different cross-stage advancements, applications can be worked for Android gadgets either that are composed against the SDK of that structure however focused for Android.

Benefits for Business

With all the advantages mentioned above, we can say that, with a Cross-Platform Application, your business will be able to have presence in multiple platforms. This is going to be very profitable because it means that more people are going to know about the activity your business is developing and, moreover, will be easier for them to enjoy the services you provide.

Finally, your application will be constantly updated in all the platforms without having to do a specific modification to all the operating systems and devices.

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