Android Apps Store for Online Restaurant Business

Android Apps Store for Online Restaurant Business

The Android apps store, operated and developed by Google, serves as the official application store for the Android operating system. It provides access to the users to download applications created with the Android software development kit (SDK) and distributed through Google. It permits to content on google play store that includes apps, music, movies, TV programs, magazine, books, travels, food etc.

In recent times mobile technology has dramatically changed the way that business function. Specially, in restaurant Business, mobile applications play a significant role. Due to rising demands for the development of mobile applications, the market share of restaurant apps has increased.

This article is going to focus on the current market for restaurant mobile apps and its main feature. In addition, it will also discuss, how does it help to the online restaurant business.

Why Restaurants Need android apps

As per the survey by RetailMenot, shows that at least half of mobile users use their smartphone to search a nearby restaurant or the foods and 25% to 35% of them placed or booked an order through their device. Customers show more interest to add their orders online.

Benefits of Developing Android Restaurant App

Promote your brand and get more potential customer

Brand plays a vital role in any business. The Restaurant can keep their potential customer for a longer period of time by providing homely atmosphere, better service, and quality food. But this is not enough to target newer customer. However, an app can help to enhance the chances of visibility of the restaurants to the thousands of users only in one click.

It is very important to have Mobile application strategy for those restaurant owners who want to
✓ target more customer
✓ increase earnings
✓ make business more accessible.

Easy to make payment

Online payment is very convenient now for both the customer and the service provider. Customer also feel free to pay online instead of cash because of easy access of online banking. The business also gets the money on time that helps to boost up their productivity.

Increase reservation

With the help of online reservation, customer can easily see how many seats are available without even calling to the business. On the other hand, the restaurant also can estimate the number of customers they have. That helps to arrange their staff, prepare their food and service accordingly without having any rush. It allows the restaurant to identify the rush and off pick hours which helps further development of their business.

Build up customer loyalty and feedback

Building up customer loyalty is the key marketing strategy of any restaurant business. Only providing good quality food and better service are not simply enough to create customer faith. Sometimes customer wants more than that, for example they expect some points for some specific purchase. So that they can get some free items with their ordered menu. Existing customer also wants to be rewarded by getting some free deliveries by ordering expensive items. The satisfied customers help to promote the business by like, share and comments. Furthermore, negative customer feedback is also very important to improve the lacking of the business.

Types of android apps for restaurant business

Below are some examples of popular android applications for restaurant business

➢ Restaurant review Applications

Where you will find the more detail about the restaurant with actual feedback of customers. Best example is Yelp.

➢ Local restaurant finder Applications

It also one kind of restaurant review android application based on location-based direction, for example Restaurant Finder

➢ Restaurant Menu Applications

This application is useful for that restaurant owner who wants to digitalized their order and service and build up feedback like for example Finedine.

➢ Restaurant Delivery Applications

It helps customer to order their foods and have it delivered direct to their end (home, office or any place). Customer also reserve their table like using Open Table apps. Also, restaurant can use this app as a promotional basis like provide special salles, coupon, reword etc.

Core features for android restaurant app

Digital Menu

Detailed with photos, feature, category and price so that customer can easily find the idea of the food they are actually looking for.


Helps customer release from the stress creating for the long waiting. They can enjoy the food with their quality time without wasting a single moment.

Geolocation capabilities and GPS tracking

If you have a chain restaurant business, Geographical features will help to find out your restaurant in different countries and cities. GPS tracking helps users to see the delivery status of their order.

Push notifications

Helps your customer to update about your new item, special offer, discount, and upcoming events. For example, you can send push notification to your customer who is nearby passing your business location.

Loyalty Customer and promotion

For example, special offers and deals, coupons, etc. help to develop long-term consumer relationship. It helps customer by offering free birthday cake, get some extra points, instant reward by purchasing new or special items.

Customer support and feedback

Helps your customer to comment, share and provide feedback about your food and service. Also allow customers to provide their Ratings and Reviews

Apart from above, below are some additional features that might help your customers:
✓ Integration of third party (request for transport service app like Uber)
✓ Share in social media
✓ Payments and tips
✓ Instant call
✓ Quick order

Android apps store for Restaurant Business is now a high demand able marketing strategy. The best android application can just not the only serves the purpose, but also do something beyond that. The apps should be user-friendly always up to the date. This is because it will be in customer android phone and always reminds them of your business. If your goals are to focus on existing customers, attract the new customer, promote your brand, and do long-term profitable business then the android application is the best choice for you.

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