What is a Virtual Employee?

Many companies are, for several reasons (e.g. lack of office space, resources) starting to hire virtual workers and other companies, which already use this employment method, are showing the tendency to hire more. A virtual employee is a worker who operates for a company, although he or she is not present in the office. This means that, in most cases, they work remotely from home. In fact, the term ´virtual´ refers to the location of the worker, whereas the person is real. This kind of employment is made possible by IT and communication technology and regards many kinds of positions, such as content writing, internet marketing, IT outsourcing, engineering or architecture, data entry and many more.

Advantages of hiring a virtual employee at UIZ

After a brief presentation, let's go in deep and see some features of virtual employment service at UIZ. Hiring virtual workforce has many advantages and makes you:

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Virtual Employee from UIZ?

UIZ offers Virtual Employee Service for your small, middle or large-sized company. We offer several qualified employees for your duties in a wide range of fields:

How is a virtual employee different from a freelancer?

Even though their job position might seem similar at first glance, a virtual employee is more than a freelancer: he or she is working as a regular employee, although not showing up at 9:00 every morning in the office. That means that he or she is working exclusively for you, most of the times full time. Instead, a freelancer would not work just for you and his or her availability might change. Furthermore, freelancers can sometimes not be suited for the job. Whereas, if you hire a full-time employer and you choose wisely the first time, you can be sure about the quality and professionalism of their work.


How do you choose your Virtual Employees at UIZ?

Now that you have a clearer idea about virtual employment, it is time to understand how to find the most suitable staff for your company and organization and hire your virtual staff at UIZ.

As stated before, one of the main advantages of virtual employment is that you are not limited to choose people from one area, but can hire employees from all over the world, selecting the most suitable ones. This also means that also the interviews have to be led virtually.
Normally, an employer should trust his or her employees in order to be able to deliver tasks and coordinate their work. This is also, and especially, true if it regards virtual employees. Due to the fact that you are working distantly and cannot have a day-to-day confrontation, you should trust each other in order to work effectively.
Continuous and direct contact with their boss. You should let them know what you want and they should be able to complete the task efficiently.
The virtual employees should have a clear idea of the company´s goals, in order to focus and help coworkers and bosses picturing the same achievements. That means that they should be motivated and responsible for themselves.
Virtual employees should be able to work on their own, without seeking approval from coworkers and boss about what they do. They should have outstanding abilities in problem-solving tasks requiring little or any assistance.
The perfect virtual employee is also disciplined. While an employer can easily check if people are really working at the office or just scrolling the Facebook homepage, controlling at the same degree someone who is working overseas is not possible. Therefore, an employer should hire people who can work and be proficient even without strict supervision.
Remember that, even if a candidate seems to lack some of the qualities, he or she might just need training to become good employees. Do not give up on someone if you are convinced of their potential