Data Collection

Data collection service

Data collection is an important organizational aspect of caring for the organizational data or to maintain them. UIZ offers data collection service of any type. Our team, consisting of experienced professionals, is always available and offers you and your company this service. This data collection project could meet definitely the requirements of your company. Our offer includes 35-40 working hours per week for an operator per shift.

Application of data collection service

UIZ uses for this application special developed software systems to fulfill the certain needs and requirements of your company. These services of data collection are often combined with customer service assistants and distribution network operators in customer centers.

The data collection service can be offered in all possible areas including:

– the input of personal customer data by the GPS locationData processing
– the input of information regarding the advertisement or rubric advertisements in an Online-News Portal
– transmission of paper based on market research results
– update of customer data
– processing input and output calculation
– follow-up of students results at a college or university