Data Collection

Data is one of the important things for any kind of business. Collecting data is also time-consuming, expensive and still, the data collected could be messy as it is always the business to grow and achieve their goals.


UIZ has a dedicated team of data collection experts and analysis,  we at UIZ, assemble qualitative and significant data from expanded online-based resources within a stipulated time period. We are prepared to filter through any kind of information, and changing it into the important market and business experiences, to help your organization in settling on the most ideal business decisions. 

Our team of data collection and analytic are highly knowledgeable on various research and data analysis skills, tools, software, and different research processes, which makes us the strongest outsourcing data collection service provider. Our experts with comprehensive data collection experience utilize advanced procedures to gather voluminous amounts of data and deliver important investigation bits of knowledge as visual dashboards to your organization.


Our wide range of outsourcing data collection services include

  • Data collection from Market research
  • Data collection from the survey and questionnaire
  • Collect data from websites
  • Data collection and analyzing
  • Medical data collection/hospital records
  • Clients data collection
  • Marketing - promotional data collection
  • Product details, pricing & generating review data collection

UIZ uses for this application special developed software systems to fulfill the certain needs and requirements of your company. These services of data collection are often combined with customer service assistants and distribution network operators in customer centers.

The data collection service can be offered in all possible areas including:

– the input of personal customer data by the GPS location
– the input of information regarding the advertisement or rubric advertisements in an Online-News Portal
– transmission of paper based on market research results
– update of customer data
– processing input and output calculation
– follow-up of students results at a college or university