Why I Switched to Virtual Employees

I want to share some recruitment experience I had working as an HR manager of a company (Name hidden due to data privacy). Before I switched to virtual employees, I always go with the traditional hiring process. We post the job vacancies and individuals so-called “professionals” send or drop in their applications with their decorated resumes and hire the most suited one.

It works well in the beginning after hiring. However, it has not been the case in the long run when the employee gets used to the company and the system. There was even a point when I asked myself how I hired that person for the company. Not only focusing on one employee but also looking at the collective level, you will see a shortage everywhere. This has been a common problem in many companies. I had a friend of mine from a company (Name hidden due to data privacy) and all he was complaining about was how the employees are not committed and result-oriented. Why do we say this?

The inevitable challenges of hiring traditional on-site employees

Few mentioned are among the challenges which are almost seen in every employee management. The larger the group the harder to handle as they can easily influence each other. Listed below are both; work-related and ethic related issues encountered frequently;

Frequent work-days escapes

In this case, you will find several reasons frequently from medical appointments, weddings, family issues, and difficulties during going for work and more that will come from one person to the other. Another problem following this is that if one doesn’t come to the office then there is no chance that they will work from home as long as it is not in the contract even though still being paid for that day.

Lack of task concentration

In the offices, you can never avoid chit chats between coworkers but that is fine and the problem is when it does not end there and goes as far as playing and movements, sometimes loud voices heard from the corridors, etc. and as a result, they submit their assignments late claiming some difficulties which you cannot challenge much. So, that complete focus and effectiveness towards their tasks are completely missing.

Lack of motivation and drive in them

This is due to the development of tradition feel as days go and employees get used to the system. Knowing that they either complete a task or they don’t, at 5:30 pm they will be going out and at the end of the month they will get their salary, they lose the motivation hence, the performance drops even more and more day by day.

These are just a few of them which I am sure any manager would agree on. The newly employed workers will be different and on the required level of performance for an initial amount of time and get influenced by the rest with the exception of a few of them.

But from where did I get the scale in the first place to compare with and realize the underperformance of our employees?

Virtual employees to the rescue

I was reading an article discussing how to hire virtual employees the advantages of a virtual employee from UIZ and decided to communicate with them and hire one virtual employee from them and compare the benefits of the virtual employee with on-site employees. To my surprise, hiring a virtual employee was so much better than having an on-site employee, at least when considering all the discussed aspects above.

The virtual employee I hired to work on the web designing was always there whenever we needed him for the work, always worked for the amount of time specified in the contract, UIZ offered a very easy communication way which I just called him at the local number and conveyed all the work. There were more benefits you could see over hiring the on-site employees; the virtual employees would be effective throughout the entire time as the supervision from UIZ -end was constant and in case they miss any amount of working time, they would make up for it. The work was provided faster, results were better that I felt I was paying fairly for their services and I imagined having more of this type of workers.

Since then, I started reducing the on-site workers and replacing them with virtual employees from UIZ as they were having professionals from many departments such as accounting, business management, social media marketing, android app development, data entry and more. The only on-site employees I remained with were the administrative and the exceptional employees which would stand out from a cloud.

After this experience, I would recommend to any employer to try the virtual employee, I am not very sure about other offering companies but giving full credits to UIZ. To inquire services virtual employee services from UIZ, call +49-30-20679115.