Why Hire Virtual Employee and How to Hire Virtual Employee

Who is a Virtual employee?

A virtual employee is a professional with expertise in a specific field who works at a distance from the workplace. This could be a distance as huge as different cities, different countries or even continental coverage distances. Virtual employment is the evolution of traditional employment where the employees are supposed to work in the workplace to having them work away from the workplace. Of course, the two systems have similarities but have differences as well but the main topic of this article is to discuss the benefits of hiring virtual employee over physical employee which will answer the question of “why hire virtual employee” in the title. The article will then talk about how you can simply hire our virtual employees to get the benefits discussed earlier.

Why hire virtual employee?

Since the emergence of virtual employment, a lot of research has been carried out to see the effect of virtual employees compared to traditional physical employees on various points and on many aspects, virtual employees seemed to have an edge over the physical employees. In this article, only three main aspects will be focused on to show why you need to hire a virtual employee and these are; managerial cost advantage, time to effectiveness ratio as well as having better chances of hiring better professionals worldwide.

1. Managerial cost advantage when you hire virtual employee

As far as the cost of management is concerned, there is no doubt that hiring virtual employees has a clear advantage over traditional physical employees whether it is concerning the cost of office space, labor taxes, health insurance, liability insurance or even not having to worry about monthly payments to the employees.

Virtual employee

Better value for the price paid

The more employees you have on-site the more working space you will need to accommodate all, the more facilities you will need and more responsibilities to monitor all of them, therefore, the more off-site employees you have, the less the cost of management you will incur.

All the tax issues and insurances will be handled from our end, hence, reduce the load from your responsibilities and costs of management and gives you a better position to only keep what you can handle under your control and still perform all your duties at your best.

All in all, the discussed points above are not the only one you will be on the benefit side of, there are more which are visible through the process such as when errors which would incur cost occur. Hiring a virtual employee would take all that off your shoulders.

2. Paid working time to effectiveness ratio

The advantage in this aspect can be seen in the majority of contract agreements where the employer and us the employee provider agree on the basis of project or task completion within a specified time frame. So the main advantage here is that the salary is not paid directly to the employee you hire on a timely basis which you are not sure of how effectively they are using their time to get things done. Research shows that employees are effective during 50% of their time at work while they are being paid for the entire time they spend at the workplace. This shows clearly that paid working time to effectiveness ratio is lower than when you pay the employee for a specific amount of work to be done in a time frame and if they don’t live up to the agreement then they will have violated the contract and you will have the freedom to do what you feel is right.

Therefore, all these details explained above shows how you can expect more work from the paid amount of time from a virtual employee than a traditional physical employee.

3. Hire virtual employees to increase the chance of getting better professionals

This point comes from the fact that if you want to hire employees for your company around your area, you will be limited in geographical cover and therefore limited in professionals you can possibly get. The more geographical reach during the employee search, the more the professionals you can reach and the better the chances of getting the right professional for the task. Virtual employment involves worldwide cover during a search of virtual employees will give you a better chance of getting the type of worker you need for from a large pool of people. In contrary, looking for a traditional physical employee doesn’t assure you of getting someone with everything you are looking for as the pool of professionals you have to choose from is small.

When talking about why you need virtual employees for your company, many reasons could be mentioned and the above are just three of them. They do have their downside as well but on the overall scale, their advantages outscore their downsides which make it a better option to go for.

Hiring virtual employees from us have always been easy with very few steps before you have your own employee working for you throughout the time you need them for. Below is the quick procedure on how to go about it;

How to Hire Virtual Employee at UIZ

UIZ has made it easy to hire a virtual employee with us and below are the four easy steps in the procedure to send us an inquiry.

1. Contact us with your project requirements and specifications

UIZ has made it very easy for customers to reach us by providing many options such as the “contact form” found on every page of our website which has the “your message” section where you can fill in with all the details included and submit it. The other option is visiting the “impression” page or “contact” page where you can find the email address as well as the phone number to easily reach us hire a virtual employee with us.

2. We pick the right professional from our pool according to your specifications

After going over your specifications, we look for the best match among our professionals to work for you and if you require, you will be allowed to hold an interview with the professional to see if they are someone you are looking for.

Virtual employee

Virtual employee

3. Finalize the contract agreement

After agreeing on the professional who will be working for you, we will open the contract talks and seal the contract after agreements are reached in every addressed section between the two parties. This step will be finalized with the initial payments if any as specified in the contract agreed and hire a virtual employee of your choice.

4. Start the project

Immediately after everything with the administration is finalized, the project will get underway and your employee will start working for you for the specified amount of time under your control but also under our supervision. Regular reports to you will also be submitted as specified in the contract.

For more information about the departments, you can hire virtual employees from us, visit our relevant page. For quick and quality service inquiry call us at +49-30-20679115.