Swift App Development

Swift App Development

App Development has become one of the most demanded and fastest-growing services. At the same time, the number of application developers and experts in this field has increased. It is explained because of the huge amount of applications that are available in the market. And it does not seem to stop.
For that reason, companies invest time in choosing the best app developers and experts to obtain the major profit from their money invested in applications. They look for the best in the market and the number of competitors makes it harder day by day.

What is Swift

To build the application, developers use some languages to create the code base for this software. One of the most known languages is Swift.
Thus, Swift is a very famous programming language launched by Apple in 2014 that was built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns.

The main objective of this open-source programming language is to become an available language for system programming, for mobile and desktop applications, scaling up to cloud services. But this powerful and intuitive language is specially designed for making writing and maintaining software processes easier for developers.

Swift App Development Characteristics

To achieve these objectives, Swift has some important features that allow it to be one of the most used software languages:
Swift is an expert in the field, that is the reason why it allows developers to enjoy using it thanks to the syntax offered but also giving modern features. It is always evolving to get Swift to the most updated version.
Swift has to be comparable to C-based languages, as it is intended as a replacement for this group of languages as it must be comparable to all of them. Moreover, in addition to it, Swift provides fast but consistent performance.
Finally, when using a programming language it is important to be a safe one. There can not be undefined behavior by the written code, that is why it eliminates any class of unsafe code.

Reasons for App Development with Swift

It is known that Swift is one of the most used application programming languages all over the world. Now we are going to explain what are the main reasons that make developers choose this language when programming applications.
● Open-source code
● Fast development process
● Scalable product
● Easy Readability and Maintenance
● Improvement in performance and safety
● Less footprint memory
● Interoperability with Objective-C
● Automatic memory management
a. Open-source code
Since 2015, Swift is an open-source programming language, which allows developers with all skill levels access to these created bases. This option also helps developers to save time and money in their process of application development.
b. Fast development process
As mentioned in one of the features, Swift provides a fast application development process. As it is a clean and expressive language with simplified grammar makes it easier to write and read the code developed. Moreover, it is considered an efficient programming language thanks to the fact that it is very concise.
c. Scalable product
On the other hand, with Swift, you can obtain a future-proof product. This means that it can add as new features as required and it will be extended depending on the user's needs. In the same way, you can also add more developers to the team and to the application development process because of the simplicity and conciseness of the codebase.
d. Easy Readability and Maintenance
Simple syntax is one of the main characteristics and advantages of Swift as it allows developers to read and understand the code easily. In addition to this, another characteristic of Swift is the good maintainability it has as it stores all the headers (.h) and implementations (.m) in a single file (.swift).
e. Improvement in performance and safety
As its name says, Swift was made to be focused on performance and speed. During the years, several benchmarks and tests made by multiple developers have proved that Swift performs better and faster than Objective-C.
In addition to it, and thanks to the good scalability of Swift, it is possible to optimize Swift’s code to get better performance. On the other hand, Swift has a strong system ready to prevent code crashes and production errors. It has a shorter feedback loop, which allows Swift’s users to see the errors fast and solve them instantly.
f. Less footprint memory
When building an application, you use a lot of third-party codes-reusable and open source frameworks or libraries compiled into your app’s code. These libraries can be static or dynamic. The first ones can’t be automatically updated as they are stuck in the version compiled. Dynamic libraries are updated only when needed.
g. Interoperability with Objective-C
Swift language is completely compatible with Objective-C and can be used in the same project, which is especially useful in long projects. As a consequence, you will be able to add updates and more features using Swift language but taking advantage of the codebase written with Objective-C. For that reason, the app development process becomes easier and more risk-free.
h. Automatic memory management
Swift uses a new technology that wasn’t introduced to iOS before. It is the Automatic Memory Counting (ARC), a technology aimed to add garbage collection function. This function is specially used to delete instances that are no longer used so that the memory footprint can be reduced and increase the app’s performance.

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