Purchase Management

These processes (such as purchasing, accounts payable and travel and entertainment) are typically highly manual with few controls and no end-to-end process. Making payments efficiently, cost-effectively and accurately are pivotal to every well-managed finance function. For this purpose, we need to control corporate spending. Manual purchasing processes are time-consuming and often lead to supplier account problems, over-budget spending and an ever-growing number of suppliers.


With our purchasing management module, we cover all kind of transactions needed for a company's purchase process from manage suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, to incoming shipments. Clients can open purchase demands for required materials or services, request quotes from merchants, save price information from their sellers to the system and create agreement documents with their sellers where necessary through this module. We work with customers in wide assortment of contracting roles ranging from providing assistance with a particular project to filling a full-time job.

Purchase Management Delivers Following Workflow Process

Request to buy

The Creation of a Request to Buy

Purchase Process

Formal Purchase Process


Real-Time Budgeting at Request

Automatic Purchase

Automatic Purchase Order Generation

Optional receipting

Optional receipting of goods and services

Invoicing Capture

Invoicing Capture and Receipting

Automatic posting to ledgers

Automatic Posting to the Ledgers

Releasing for payment

Capturing Request and Release for Payment