Primary and Secondary Research Service

Are you searching for a process or information to understand your clients better as economies extend and the worldwide market situation gets more complex and serious? Is it imperative for your organizations to have an inside and out comprehension of your core operational and business area while staying up-to-date with changing market requirements and client expectations? Therefore Primary and secondary research services are essential if you are looking to join into new markets or introduce new offerings.

UIZ is an organization of believed experts and we offer a huge marketing first service for worldwide customers and global brands to help build their digital trust. With a deep spotlight focused on the customer market and research, UIZ provides an extensive suite of specific market research, data investigation, and measurement tools and services to help our customers to gain a competitive advantage


Our skilled and experienced research team takes the work serious primary or secondary research work off your shoulders and offers a streamlined way to deal with all your examination research-related needs. We focus intensely around market and consumer research and offer an exhaustive suite of data analytics, market research, and advanced measurement tools for high-quality primary and secondary research services.

Primary and Secondary Research Services We Offer

As Primary and Secondary research service providers, at UIZ, we have made a name for ourselves by concentrating on constancy, customer service, and a large group of unique contributions for the new age business client.

Our research strategies constantly improve over time and influence new tools and techniques which permit you to dig deeper and discover increasingly important data from both quantitative and qualitative research. Our selective, adaptable services take into account a wide range of business research goals, gathering data from various sources, and securing details to be compiled for different business-related requirements. Our services include -

Primary Research Services

Our primary market research team works constantly and utilizes advanced techniques to collect original data specific to prescribed research requirements following a scientific method through various sources. The techniques we utilize include -


Secondary Research Service

Our expertise at UIZ compiles data that summarizes and integrates research got indirectly from previous sources and materials, such as online sources, statistics, reports, and mathematical models. Our secondary research services help you effectively order, gather, organize and assemble further experiences into research conducted previously on a wide assortment of topics.

Qualitative Research Service

We offer exploratory, conduct overseeing research alternatives for understanding examples inside specific details of market research with sociology based information to help better market understanding. Our information depends on different financial and segment factors and can help in better market understanding for our customers. The systems we influence include -


Quantitative Research Service

Through our hard realities, computational methods, and precise investigation, our expert specialists' information as a major aspect of our research services. Our research teams are experts in foundational, advanced market research techniques and they are able to output the complex, visual and unique questionnaire and survey for your quantitative research. In view of hard realities and computational procedures, we can gather fair data through our mark quantitative research methods- for example -

  • Analysis and Segmentation

  • Products or services lifecycle

  • Brand lifecycle

  • Logo testing

  • Estimating and product optimization

  • Custom copy testing

  • Consumer loyalty surveys

  • Volume estimations

  • Idea testing

  • Brand positioning and strategy

  • Package or leveling testing surveys

The Advantages of Primary and Secondary Research Services

At UIZ Berlin, our expert research teams are highly knowledgeable on primary and secondary research orders of different industries. Our expert teams use advanced level of tools to create a benchmark for reporting and dashboard creation to assist brands with making value. There are numerous advantages you can profit from hiring us for your primary and secondary research services, Such as -

  • We have access to the best business research analysis expertise in a wide range of organizations.

  • We are continuously improving in processes of better management of research goals and high-quality knowledge.

  • We provide primary and secondary research services at an affordable price.

  • We guarantee faster, smoother processors which lead to better turnaround times for our clients' research projects.

  • If you are searching for versatile services that can stay aware of your future needs, look no further because our administrations can be scaled easily to suit your necessity, in any complex.

  • We generally give devoted contact to help you with all the procedures. Whether you might have any concern related services, we will be highly available to guarantee you are responded in time.

  • We provide worldwide service, our clients are very important to us. We have in-house call answering services, where we guarantee to our clients with 24/7 support service with any kind of issues and questions.

  • UIZ Brain Research team is packed with highly talented experts and top university international studies employees. Who is highly knowledgeable in specific market research primary and secondary research matters. Regular training and update modules are available into our teams which brings about world-class research experts who can deal with any requirement from multiple industries.

  • Our experienced team is using advanced research tools and software programming. Which allows us to identify and output the best research systems.

Our Primary and Secondary Research Process

We care about the quality of research with unique output. We have standardized our primary and secondary research process to consolidate interesting customer requirements within advances that are effectively replicable and deliver the highest quality outcomes. Our procedure includes-

  • Our main steps of the primary and secondary research process are to make a survey based on your requirements while understanding the idea of your business, product or service, guaranteeing better responses.

  • After understanding your business, product or services, we choose the target audience profiles based on your stated requirement while keeping to be more clear and easier, such as we choose the target group, demographics, age, nationality, and other factors.

  • The next step is to choose the target audience. After Categorizing the audience profile we reach out to each person individually and ask a general round of questions to fit them according to our selected profile. This allows us to pick the specific audience for your primary and secondary research.

  • All the data and information created through the survey and research process is collected appropriately through standardized methods.

  • At UIZ, we use different advanced analysis tools, which helps us to process the data in a simple way. Our advanced information investigation devices can help isolate responses and order them in a visually satisfying way in the form of tables and bar charts.

  • Our advanced information investigation devices can help isolate responses and order them in a visually satisfying way in the form of tables and bar charts.

  • The next step is report presentation; all the data is placed as a thorough report and we display the information to our clients in a manner of their choosing.

  • Our data management experts team provides insights into the data produced and clarifies the report as well as its results to our customers for better information scattering.

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UIZs’ primary and secondary marketing research is built by a dedicated, expert, highly knowledgeable and proactive team that comes with varied industry experience. Our exceptional research capabilities and business support services help to business with the power of the right data and information, which can guarantee you to achieve your organizational goals. UIZ performs market research functions to meet all your basic business knowledge needs with meticulousness by following logical techniques and time-tested statistical surveying methodologies. 

Contact UIZ Berlin as your outsourcing primary and secondary research service partner. Contact us today to learn more about our primary and secondary research services and market research services.