Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Save a lot and increase your revenue owning online ordering systems for your business.Get our online ordering system for restaurants to increase the number of food delivery and takeout services. This means your customers get the convenience of ordering and your business gets bigger profits. You become independent of food portals and there are no commission costs. You can carry out different functions like introducing new methods to increase your sales and make better business decisions, creating advertising campaigns, etc, when you launch your online ordering system.

Sell food online

Our online ordering system will help you turn the people visiting your website into regular food clients. You can take free unlimited orders with zero costs. You can power your business with our restaurant online ordering system & you’ll never have to worry about fees or commissions. You can reach new customers without the involvement of any third-party commissions. You can take unlimited orders. You can reduce the errors that could have occurred when taking orders.

Boost your sales

Our online food ordering system makes food ordering a breeze. Customers can effortlessly order their favorites. The placement of easy to find ordering buttons will get more clients to buy from you. You can increase customer retention, by adding the easy-to-spot restaurant widgets to your sales optimized website to make the online ordering process fast & easy. You can create a loyal customer base who will order repeatedly.


Simple User Interface

Our system is tested across different users for simplicity and ease of use to assure that users find it easy to use and adopt quickly. You can edit and customize the items on your menu as per your need with unlimited categories and subcategories using our intuitive content management system.

Business Insights

You can access valuable data like every order you received, customer order pattern,etc. There is comprehensive analytics built in your dashboard so that you can view historical reports, understand your business performance, address areas of concerns, and take informed decisions to improve your products and services.

POS Support

You can get support any day of the week. We have a range of POS plans which make online orders stream consistently into your Point of Sale System. You can integrate POS systems and analytical tools to enhance your business management and to increase your business efficiency and productivity.

Affordable Pricing

You can get the system with only one time cost. There are no monthly recurring charges, no per transaction costs and no commissions. We have different pricing for various prerequisites so please get in touch with us and give in any event a short subtleties of the framework that you need.

Social Media Component

You can connect your social media accounts to the online ordering system. The social media influence is very important and powerful to boost your online presence. So, the feature allowing customers to post about their online order to social media by tagging your business or writing reviews using hashtags is a popular feature.

Drive customer loyalty

You can also facilitate your loyal customer base with coupons, loyalty points and push notifications. Simply, set up a base spend sum and loyalty rate and give your best clients a prize for their business such as discounts, gift vouchers or even free delivery service.

Online Payment Integration

You can provide the option to pay by cash in delivery or pickup. Or, you can integrate your choice of payment gateway to make the customer payments effortless. We have fully automated and tightly integrated PCI compliant payment gateway and merchant services which makes our system a secure platform that protects the online transactions.


The customer profiles must be saved securely. This is very crucial to a successful online ordering system. Our system ensures that the customer information is secure and encrypted so that your customers’ data stays safe from identity thieves or hackers looking to exploit typically weak security on restaurant customer information databases.