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Android development gives a lot of room for options to developers as it is open-sourced and this has made it very convenient not only for development but also for users as it is almost free for users hence, expanding the user base and that is the good news for the app owners. Despite the freedom and ease the developers still face a lot of challenges in the development process.

The main reason for the undeniable Android dominance over iOS and other systems is due to the ease and the opportunities the android app development platforms offer to Android developers. The fact that there are so many free development aiding tools makes it easier for Android developer to build more specific apps for various purposes; business, entertainment and more which have been very significant in today’s activities in all the field applicable. However, despite these opportunities, Android developers have still faced a lot of challenges throughout the development process. Below are the notable five challenges Android developers face in everyday life of their career.

5 Challenges Android developers face in the development process

1. Software fragmentation

One big challenge Android developers face is the regular and fast-paced upgrading of Android OS version which developers find it hard to keep up with when developing apps. So, this forces the developers to develop the same app for multiple versions to make sure it is compatible with a large group of users’ devices. It obvious that you cannot expect everyone to have the latest Android OS version, in fact, only a few will have, so if the target is to have as many users as possible, an Android developer has to develop the app for a couple of OS versions.

2. Hardware fragmentation

Majority of electronic devices run on Android OS and this means there are a lot of devices, all with different screen sizes, keyboard forms, camera buttons, and customization and more. These huge variations pose a big challenge to the Android developers as they have to take all these into considerations. The most common challenges include the screen sizes where one has to specify how it appears in all the sizes of a screen but also the device’s processor’s capacity where you have other devices having a stronger processor than the other and therefore the developer has to optimize the performance in low-capacity-processor devices.

3. Freedom of carriers over the OS

Android developers are fully aware that there are so many carriers offering services to the Android OS devices and each of these carriers has the freedom to modify the OS according to their purposes of functionality. So, this also poses a big challenge to Android developers as it increases the fragmentation problems.

4. Security

The Android app development is not very secure compared to other OSs for example, the iOS. Designing an application for Apple comes with strict guidelines which ensure high-security level.  Since the Android OS has no such strict guidelines it results in having malware issues and due to the software/ hardware fragmentation, it becomes even tougher to fix the problems. There have been a lot of cases on security issues regarding Android app security and Android developers face a big challenge in fixing this.

5. Android App marketing competition for Android developers

One of the major Android app development challenges is the high competition of Android app in the marketplace. For instance, the Google Play store has a multi-million number of applications and a lot of similar applications to the one you have developed. Therefore, getting your application visible amongst a large pool of applications in the marketplace is a challenge as it also involves marketing skills. And the challenge here is making sure whoever gives a shot to get your app should be impressed because his/her reviews give the impression to others and it could affect either negatively or positively.

These challenges are tough always tough if you even recognize the risks but they are even tougher to Android developers who either do not recognize them or are just start-ups. An expert android developer will have an edge in tackling these issues and more so if they are in an all-expert group which is the environment we have at UIZ in attempt to tackle these well-known challenges. Want to develop an all-customized and error-free android app? through +49-30-20679114 or visit our website to know more about our app development services.