Consulting & Auditing Outsource Services 

UIZ internal audit & tax and compliance approach enables our client’s management to make smarter decisions regarding the types and level of controls necessary to achieve the organization’s objectives.

We provide best in class internal audit & tax and compliance services to our clients in local and global markets, while enabling them to comply with requisite requirements in the robust and challenging environment of regulations and International GAAPs.


Tax Planning & Compliance. A variety of services planned to assist you and your company report to the tax control body in a convenient and exact manner, while limiting expense liabilities on your business, your family or your organization revenue.

Tax Complience

The tax work for guaranteeing the company’s compliance with government, state, and country’s laws and guidelines covering a wide scope of tax field, including finance charges, alien outsider assessments, deals and use charge, irrelevant business personal expense, property charge, extract charges and the planning of related data returns and filings. As a feature of its obligations, the unit helps offices with charge compliances matters and gives staff preparing, varying. The unit likewise organizes outer reviews and audits of the company’s expense compliance.

In-house Audit

A few years ago in-house audit mostly had done by internal audit team but time has changed and now most of the companies do it through outsource firms, either completely or partially. Current in-house audit capacities need a wide scope of aptitudes to give a successful and complete service. To recruit, retaining a skillful audit person is very difficult and expensive for a company. Therefore, most companies prefer to outsource.

Benefits of outsourching Internal Audit

There are so many benefits of outsourcing Internal Audit. some of them are.

To begin with, outsourcing Internal Audit provides the opportunity to depth analysis of the operation and their compliance with the set of standards. Moreover, it helps to set up a benchmark which an organization and its employee can follow as a standard to measure the accomplishment of the process. Additionally, external auditors bring better knowledge than house auditors because they are certified consultants. Therefore, they can provide better solutions for all the issues either on the industrial level or in general, which the in house auditors may not recognize.

Finally, it helps a company to minimize its cost. For example, When a company keeps internal auditors they have to pay them a certain amount of salary every month as well as training and travel costs. However, if the company outsource internal audit service they can minimize these costs as the certified consultants are skilled enough and need no training and there is no fixed salary for them.

Benefits of work with UIZ

Our Internal Audit department strives to ensure that internal audits are conducted with the highest standards & auditing procedures to ensure total compliance of the client’s requirements. Our advanced auditing approach and techniques are designed to meet the needs of large, established and growing organizations. The prime focus during the audit is kept on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting our clients business

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