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The Qualities we hire in an Android Developer

Android Developer at UIZ, Berlin

UIZ is one of the top-performing software development company in Germany and specifically in Berlin with regular incoming projects of different scales and level of professionalism. Maintaining the prestige to a point where when one thinks of getting a website or an app, thinks of UIZ in this challenging market has never been easy with of a lot of takes.

The takeover of Android Applications

It is undeniable and rather, clearly evident that the use of interactive websites and mobile applications have forever been on a rise and widely applicable in the marketing sectors from online purchases, cinema booking, business company operations to online games. The usefulness and wide coverage have spiced up the competition in the software development department in this so-called “smart age” with full of smartphones and tablets. With Android and iOS dominating, their application developments are booming fields today. Due to a slight edge, the Android devices have in terms of coverage and preference over their rivals – iPhone – the number of companies developing the Android applications has always been increasing. In turn, the demands of Android developers for these companies is also increasing and the good news to this is that there a lot of people wanting to become android developers.

The best Android developers hiring challenge

Having a lot of people wanting to be android developers give us all sorts of applicants; from the real professionals who know how to get things done to just startups who somehow managed to obtain a degree in computer science courses. However, it is the responsibility of the company to hire the best Android developers with a valuable and additional skillset that comprise of technical as well as non-technical so as to team up well and keep up in the tight competition there is.

The Qualities UIZ looks into in hiring Android developers

In the efforts to bring together a complete team of the android developers, UIZ focuses on both the technical skills as most of the companies but more so we look into the important qualities of the technicality which we believe are what we have always needed in our team. Let us take a look at some of the most important ones we look into when hiring personnel…

1. Android developer with patience and enthusiasm

As tough as they may seem to go together in one person – with proof from how many applicants we get and how many applicants actually happen to have both – we need professionals who have both in them especially in the Android developer team. In this department, it can get really frustrating when the common incident happens of having the code you have been spending a lot of time working on, fail and you cannot figure out where you are going wrong. At this stage, the Android developer needs patience but also don’t lose their motivation and have the enthusiasm to keep trying again and again. This is the only way to find solutions.

2. Planning and management skills

Our Android developers plan their projects well, analyze the challenges that may arise depending on the difficulty of the application to be developed, gather all the experience they might need and measure the time they will need. All the planning is done before the initiation of the project and when gets into the project they apply their management skills to make sure they go up to the plan and timing estimations.

3. Fearless and confidence

In a run of poor results, it is a very normal routine for someone to lose the confidence they have, and according to experience, losing confidence can be very harmful even more than disparity. Therefore, we need someone who can always remember that they got up to where they are because of their potential and that should be enough to make him confident enough to about their skills and abilities.

4. A good communicator and verbal deliverer

We always pick the android developers who can present what they have in mind through professional ways theoretically and verbally. This includes presenting the progress to the boss or clients in a sincere but convincing manner, providing productive suggestions on how the project can be improved and more. This extends to how they communicate with co-workers as well where they socialize and strengthen the bond among the team but still be able to maintain the level of professionalism.

5. Android Developer who is attentive and performer

When we receive an incoming project from a client, the best time to know all the app specifications is the time of inquiry and most of the time that is the first day they contact us and that is the only time. So the developer must be attentive and a good listener when grasping the information from the client and start working on it immediately as supposed to be, meeting all the specifications.

6. Transparency and trustworthy

This means that they put clear everything; what they can do, what they cannot do, how much time they will need, what they will need and pros and cons in the way things will be done. This is necessary and builds a blind trust between the manager and a good developer.

Now that it is clear what UIZ is looking for when hiring Android developers, it is important that developers have them in mind and work on them if they are intending to apply upon an opening announcement. This is how our developers are and in the process of generating high chemistry among the team, we need to make sure they are doing some necessary things in the same way. For more information, our mobile app development and web designing services visit the mobile app development page on our website. For inquiry of our services call us at +49-30-20679114.