Digital Transformation as a Sale

What are the drivers of digital transformation?

o Clients: The needs of the customers of any institution, company, or establishment are becoming more complex day by day, and the level of customer aspirations is rising, and at the same time we hear many recommendations coming from customers on the need to simplify the journey to obtain the service or product and facilitate access to after-sales services here, the need appears. To digital transformation.
o Modern technologies: The rapid success achieved by humanity in the past ten years is one of the most important drivers of the transition to the digital age, as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing and other technologies have entered almost all aspects of our lives.
o Competitiveness: Here, any observer of the business world during the recent period can notice many examples of the fierce competition that traditional establishments and companies are exposed to in front of a new company that used digital transformation to acquire a very large market share during a relatively short period of work.

- Finally, new drivers have emerged for a digital transformation, such as those that the world is experiencing today as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), as traditional work channels were completely paralyzed and the importance of digital work channels emerged.

Features and advantages of digital transformation:

During the past years, the digital transformation team has several projects in this field, where many features and features have emerged that describe digital transformation and these experiences can be summarized in the following points, for example:

 Digital transformation is an imperative that will involve everyone sooner or later.
 Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping: (The way we live, the way we work, the way we think, the way we interact, the way we communicate)
 And so, in the next ten to twenty years, everything around us will change.

Benefits of digital transformation:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Increase the return on investment
  3. Increase the satisfaction of the beneficiaries
  4. Improving products and services
  5. The ability to keep pace with business changes by launching new services quickly and flexibly
  6. Increase workflow efficiency and reduce errors
  7. The many environmental and social benefits that will emerge to you after the correct implementation of digital transformation

Axes of digital transformation:

• Qualified and harmonious human cadre
• Mature and documented processes
• Simple and convenient technical tools, solutions and packages
• Data, methods of providing it, managing it, storing it, showing it and protecting it.

What are the technologies for digital transformation?

 Artificial intelligence
 Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies
 3D printing
 Big data
 The Internet of things
 Blockchain
 Cloud Computing
 Cybersecurity

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