Auto Sales Service

UIZ helps you to assists your customer in your Auto sales which benefit you with various ways. We provide vehicle sales service through online (i.e online chat):

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Increase Auto Sales with Live Website Chat

UIZ offers the auto sales services with live website chat. You can check out that how our auto online sales service can help your business to improve and achieve the goals.

1.Whenever a prospective customer visits your service and starts browsing around, checking out your vehicles. At this scenario customer needs help to find exact his/her search. In this situation our professional helps your customer to get right information.

2. Does one of your sales representatives go out to greet the customer to start the sales process? here we plays role.

3. UIZ live chat system makes your website visitors feel as though they are visiting your dealership in person.

4. You can greet them on the lot.

5. You can sit them down at your virtual desk, pre-qualify them, and discuss with them in real time the kind of cars that would best suit their budget and needs.

6. UIZ customer support service also allows sales personnel to see which autos website visitors are looking at and how much time they are spending on each one.

7. At any time, sales reps can proactively invite these website visitors to discuss what they are looking for. Your salesperson may then use the opportunity to increase the visitors’ interest so that he or she will want to visit the dealership in person.
8. Live help chat will enable home shoppers to ask questions in real time about autos they see in the paper. Once visitors go to your website, they can also see vehicles that were added to the inventory after the ad went to press.

9. If you run nation-wide ads for vintage or collectible vehicles, potential customers living out-of-state will be able to contact you easily without having to make a toll call

10. Is your organization closed on Sundays and holidays? No problem. UIZ online architecture allows you to monitor the website for live chats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from any computer with connection to the Internet. You can even answer customer questions about listings from a home location.

Hence our live chat system is the online customer support system that supercharges your dealership website with live sales. It’s the high octane customer service feature that will allow you to race past your competitors.


1. Live Sales 24/7
Your sales representative can monitor the dealership website for live chat requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location, from any system connected to the Internet, even while the dealership is closed.

2. Send Brochures and Promotions
Show your website visitors manufacturer brochures and offer them special discounts and promotions.

3. Improved Sales Staff Multitasking
One salesperson may assist several online visitors at the same time using our live customer support system. No one gets put on hold.

4. Easy to Set Up and Use
UIZ live chat system is simple to install and can be added to your dealer website in as little as 15 minutes.