Auction Sales Service

UIZ assists your customer in your auction sales, real estate auction, estate sale services which benefit you with various ways, providing auction live chat service, auction sales service and many more.

Higher Confidence and Auction Sales with Live Chat

There are many advantages that we provide auction sales, real estate auction, estate sale services through the live chat system. Key advantages are as follows:
1. Active sales for your auction sales
2. Canned responses
3. Provide instant answers
4. Prevent negative feedback

Customize Your Auction Live Chat

This is very simple and functional system which doesn't need any expensive hardware installation or broadband Internet connection. The appearance of the live chat buttons and interfaces are completely customizable. UIZ customize auction live chat interface as per your need.

Fast, Easy Response
It is really amazing feature which you can add Live Customer Chat service right now to your new or existing auction listings in few minutes.

Canned Responses and Typing Notification
Live chat buttons in estate sale services saves your time by allowing you to send already-written answers to repeatedly asked questions about your items. A web page "push" feature allows you to send bidders to pages containing other items you're auctioning or pages containing additional information about the items you are offering.

Monitor Your Auction for Chats Anywhere, Anytime
UIZ  provides you to conveniently monitor your auction for chat requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any system with access to the Internet. If you are offline or unavailable to answer live chat requests, you will receive prompt, reliable email from our system.

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Sales
With very little investment, UIZ  live customer chat helps you to increase your sales and improve customer service.

UIZ  Virtual Assistant

UIZ is Proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in auction sales, real estate auction, estate sale services so that we can provide virtual assistant to your organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.