Data Entry

The Data Input – Service

Data input is an important aspect of the organization to maintain the organizational data. We offer a service for data entry for each type of organization. Our experienced team is looking forward to providing your business with our data entry service. We have experienced and well trained data collectors that provide world class service operation of data entry. We offer office based services to the amount of 35 to 40 hours per week per operator.

Data Entry Operation

UIZ uses software systems that have been specifically designed to particular needs of your organization for data entry in order to perform operations. The work for data entry is often combined with customer service assistants and contact center operators. Data entry work would include tasks such as:Data processing

  1. Entering personal data of customer operation GPS locations
  2. Entering the information for classified ads in an online news portal
  3. Transferring paper -based market research
  4. Updating customer records
  5. Processing purchase invoices and sales
  6. Tracking the result of a student in a post-secondary program