About us

At UIZ, we believe in technology and international collaboration to change the face of the world. UIZ is international BPO Service for Virtual Employee, Web Development, SEO Services, Mobile application development, Call Center Services.

We, as part of the  Webdesign and BPO team at UIZ, come to work every day with the idea that technology should be a helping hand and not a frustrating setback. This is why we put our knowledge into use and we take care of every stage where your business comes into contact with it -Be it through a website, an app or even digital marketing. UIZ is based in Berlin.

You do not have to struggle trying to figure out a way to approach an IT-related project. In fact, we develop the best solutions for you based on what you need and when you need it.

And this is why people keep coming to us: because they know we put their project first. As a result, we have partnered both with small and larger companies, always leaving them satisfied. This is because we always keep your goals in mind and, especially, we get to know who you are.

We truly enjoy working with a global customer base and with different industries. This keeps us open to new horizons and sparks our creativity, so that your project is always tailor-made and, therefore, unique.

And we are surely familiar with global perspectives, too. Our headquarters are in Berlin, one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. Our company is present in four continents. Even our team is made by people from across the globe! This is the power of technology, the one we believe in: it cuts distance and it helps us get closer to one another.

Technology allows us cross borders. And if you, too, are looking to grow your business, we are here to help. We offer different services that make you boost your business, so you can tackle a large number of problems from different angles. Have a look at the services we provide:

Web Solutions

BPO Services

Research and Consulting

Virtual Assistant

Our Vision

Quality scientific and professional, development and support management centre and allied services to clients in their efforts at innovation, identification, development, implementation and handover of practical solutions.

Our Mission

Be a Professional “Scientific, Development and Professional Service Centre” with an image of competence, responsibility and reliability in services.


Achieve sustained organizational success in terms of growth and sustainability goals through scientific and business vision, mission, values, strategy, structure and operating system and processes of: “Innovating, Researching & Developing” service opportunities in chosen areas independently and in strategic partnerships; “Implementing & bringing to society” service contracts efficiently and effectively to due satisfaction of clients, funding partners’ requirements as well as social neeeds, “Knowledge and Skills transfer”, i.e., exchange of skills, sharing knowledge among developed and developing worlds.

We live and breathe technology and we are happy to connect with you at any point. To get to know us better and find the best solution for your project, . We are looking forward to working with you!