5 Tactics for an Android Developer to Maintain Competency in Berlin

5 Tactics for an Android Developer to Maintain Competency in Berlin

Why the Android developers' competition is high in Berlin

Recent researches have proved that Berlin is the second-best city for software developers in the world. It's second to Toronto and followed by London. These statistics were developed after considering several factors including salary, the standard of life, competency and reputation in the world market as well as internal competency. Speaking from an experience point of view as a senior developer and company manager, Android development is currently the most active field in software development. What does this suggest?

Berlin is receiving android developers from all over the world as a reason for its high performance on the global stage. These developers come with different skills and backgrounds hence creating a very tough competition in Berlin. UIZ is one of the companies which tries to hire the best Android developers regardless of their background as long as they have the things we are looking into for a competitive android developer and no surprise that at the moment only 30% or less is originally from Berlin. Therefore, to keep up with the high competition that there is in Berlin one needs to regularly work on some aspects which I have decided to talk about in this article.

Aspects an Android Developer in Berlin needs to work on

Working on the aspects listed below to improve and step up your game as an Android developer will make your professional life easier in Berlin and guaranteed to get development jobs anywhere in the world. These aspects include technological advancements as well as the non-technical areas. Read below to get an insight into it.

1. Be an expert in Java

In very simple words, Java is the mother language of all Android development. Developers coming from JavaScript and Ruby backgrounds might have a learning curve when catching up with Java initially even though it is also object-oriented just like the earlier two. The parting is that Java is stricter regarding how it handles the data types, therefore, a good programmer has to be very careful and almost flow naturally when specifying the data types which the application is going to deal with. Java also leaves memory management up to the developer. Therefore, it is the ask of the Android developer to make sure they allocate enough memory resources.

Java is the most suited IDE for Android development. It has no confusions over which component of the application does what and Java assures just that. Java allows you to do things more elegant, precise and with fewer codes which leave little room for error. It is undeniable that being an expert in Java will give you an edge over the crowd.

2. A competitive android developer has proficiency in XML

For first-timers; XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and was created as a standard way to encode internet-based data. It shares many features with HTML such as traditional opening (<>) and closing (<>) tags and deeply nested elements. This facilitates passing of information to devices in a way they can be understood compatibly.

The Android developers use XML to create layouts serving as foundational User Interface for Android applications. Once the application is already up and running, the developer can write Java code to modify the elements just as how the web developers use JS and CSS to modify the websites at runtime. Therefore, being proficient in XML will give you an extra room for opportunity

3. Android SDK

SDK stands for Software Development Kit which refers to a set of pre-coded elements to aid in programming. The Android SDK is a module of Java code giving developers access to the inbuilt functions like camera and accelerometer. One fundamental component of Android SDK is called the Gradle which helps in compiling. So, for instance, say your app will be integrated to Camera, so you will just get the camera SDK and then tell Gradle that you are using the camera’s SDK, that way ensures to keep your code organized when the application compiles.

New developers usually spend a lot of time trying to learn how they can combine the SDKs together to form a required application. Getting a competitive Android developer should have familiarity with the SDKs to make his work easy.

4. Android Studio

Android Studio is the most liked choice of Android developers for application development. It is built on top of the well-known IntelliJ IDE and it brings very convenient and useful tools for the most common SDKs used. Android Studio provides very helpful tools such as auto-completion of code writing as you type. It has a code debugging tool which allows you to single-step throughout your code in the attempt to find errors in your code. Android Studio also helps in memory management and CPU monitoring. So sufficient knowledge of Android Studio is compulsory to stand out as an Android Developer in Berlin.

5. Competitive Android developer should handle databases

For the apps handling a large amount of data, the best choice is to store the data externally and not in the devices. It manages memory storage better and is accessible across different devices. Therefore, the data will have to be stored in the cloud and the service providers include Firebase or parse who provide APIs to store data in the cloud and be accessible. Similar platforms also provide Java libraries for easy caching on the device. This way, syncing between externally stored data and internal data is possible and the app can be used offline.

SQLite is an alternative to store data locally which can be interacted with Android’s inbuilt support for using SQL. So, all these decisions and the suitable ways of data storage will all be the responsibility of the Android developer. Therefore, (s)he must have vast knowledge in the way the application will handle the database and how to integrate it.

6. Should be attentive to details, planner and good time manager

Attention to details from android developer

Attention to details

This means being attentive and perceive every requirement of the application. When writing the code, (s)he should be traditional and follow the rules of the company. Properly indenting, commenting on the necessary snippet of codes, use clear variable names. This is so that it can be easily usable by future programmers.

Time management is very crucial. Whenever you get a project, its time frame is discussed and agreed upon and enclosed in the contract agreements. Therefore, to value the contract, the Android developer has to stay on track and in case of any delay then he should update the manager through regular reports with valid reasons. To stay within the time frame can be a challenge to a not-so-competitive developer as difficulties always arise along but to an expert, surrounded by a team of experts all challenges should be solvable in time..

The above-described expertise and attributes for a competitive android developer are not the only ones making a complete developer but definitely will put you in a position to apply for Android development job in Berlin and expect a call back from HR. The more skills you might want to have for success in Berlin as Android developer are; knowledge in APIS, material designing and having good ideas when coming up with proposals.

If you think you are a competitive Android developer, apply at UIZ during the opening announcements which are announced regularly at our Android development page on our website. Here we have a group of expert Android developers from many parts of the world bringing their minds together to make things happen.

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